What is a diagonal vertex of a square?

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The diagonals of a square bisect each corner or vertex of the square.
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Do the diagonals of a rectangle bisect the vertexes?

No. Draw a rect. with dimensions of 1" by 2''. Note the angle formed by the diagonals. Now lengthen the rect. to 1'" by 10". The angle formed by the base and the diag. has t

How many diagonals does a hexagon have from one vertex?

3. You cannot have a diagonal from a vertex to itself, nor to either of the two adjacent vertices (these would form sides of the polygon). So 3 out of the other vertices cann

What is the diagonal of 16-gon from one vertex?

If you mean "How many diagonals can be drawn from one vertex of a figure with 16 sides", the formula is n-3, where "n" being the number of sides of the figure. So 16-3 = 13 d
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Do the diagonals of a rhombus bisect the vertexes?

Vertex is the point where two rays of an angle or two edges of a geometric shape meet. Definition of a point: A point has no width, length and thickness. It is used to spe