What is a diagram of a food chain?

Updated: 11/24/2022
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Q: What is a diagram of a food chain?
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What does every food chain diagram and every food web diagram show?

Every food chain and food web diagram shows the transfering of energy.

What is a diagram that shows how energy in fod flows from one organism to another?

A food chain.

What is in a food chain?

a food chain is a diagram,of some sort that describes how energy is passed

Diagram of the Gumbo Limbo tree food chain?

gumbo limbos food chain

Diagram that represents how energy in food molecules flows from on organism to the next?

food chain

Is a food chain a diagram of how producers make food?


What is a triangular representation of a food chain?

A food pyramid is the most common diagram that displays a food chain in a triangular fashion.

What is a trophic level diagram?

just a diagram of a food chain but with trophic level features

What diagram is used to show how energy flows in a food chain?

usually an energy pyramid or a food chain map.

What diagram shows many interrelated food chain in the ecosystem?

It's a food web.

Where is a diagram of a food chain of the red wolf?

brown bearsSnakeRed wolf

What do you call a network diagram showing which animal eats what?

Food chain.