What is a digital still camera?



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I would consider Canon G12 10MP Digital Camera

1 The lcd is fantastic, allows to take pictures or movie shoots in practical any position and situation, nice also when you are taking videos or do not want to be noticed when you are shooting, getting more spontaneous photos.

2 The ergonomic of the wheels for ISO,compensation and the mode selector are very well located, they work firmly.

3 The new front wheel, that works for increase or decrease the aperture or shutter speed is great.

4 The menu is easy to use and I like the new formats and sizes you can take pictures, 10:9, 4:3, 1:1, 3:2, 4:5 allows to get a better composition and photo formats without crop the image.

5 the rugged feel is nice for me, besides is only in two parts of the camera, where your hand and fingers needs more support.

6 At first instance I though the optical view finder appears to be so simple and "awful" like somebody told before, but, the diopter corrector works fine and when I clean the visor glasses, become so clear and nice that actually I am using it a lot, because do not need to open the lcd screen and it is possible to see the green or orange light which tells you that the exposition is ok or not, "going back to the old times".

7 I did not test enough the video, but at first look, it is ok and allows to record some interesting moments.

8 The quality of the pictures is awesome, really love it, finally can get almost the quality I have with my DSLRs but in a small camera.

9 It is fast, is ready to take pictures maybe in a second.