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This may be a sebacious cyst, medicalize for an infected hair follicle that doesn't know when to quit. If so it is not dangerous and can be easily removed by a physician using local anesthetic. You might also try an hr or so of hot packs to see if you can make it burst and drain without medical assistance. I would advise you to drink a beer or two while doing this as it can be a little painful. Jill Angus

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Q: What is a dime-sized bump on your back that is sore?
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What could a sore bump on lower back be?

a boil or a cyst

What is a large red sore bump on back the size of a quarter painful even when not touching it?

It is most likely a large pimple.

I have a sore bump on the back of my head it is about the size of a nickel and sore when you touch it please help I'm only 13 and there is nobody nearby so i can't get help from anyone?

go to the doctors

Is it a shaving bump or cold sore?

neither its herpes

Red bump behind your ear?

no red bump behind my ear. behind my ear it just sore

Why do you get a bump on your cartlidge when they get pierced?

its just sore or mainly infected

What could be a bump on back of neck sore to the touch and cause stiffness?

If this is happening to you, you might have a minor bruised neck bone. Talk to your doctor.

Very sore throat and a small red bump in the back of your throat what could it be?

the bump could be caused by infection or friction from lack of bile. This is associated with cold/flu like symptoms as the cilia hair is restricted, letting bacteria into the throat and causing a rash or bump.

Sore bump on neck?

A sore bump on the neck can be caused by several things. It may be a pimple or a small boil that is coming to a head. If it does not go away or gets worse, it is best to see a doctor about it.

What is a large red sore bump on lower back that moves when pushed on larger than a quarter and hurts all the time?

It sounds like a boil.

Can you get a bump on your lip if you kiss someone?

Yes, it is a virus called oral herpes which manifests itself as a cold sore, or "bump".

What causes sore bump on the right side of my head and side of new my right ear face?

I have a sore bump on the right side of the top of my head and on the right side of my ear and it's sore when I touch it. It causes slight dull headaches. Do you know what it could be.

Can a sinus infection cause a bump on gum?

A sinus infection is unlikely to cause a bump on the gums. However, a bump may be caused by an abscess, a burn, or a canker sore.

What does a cold sore look like?

A cold sore looks like a pale red bump on your face, lips, mouth.

Bump on back of my head that just appeared for no reason it is sore hard. about the size of a quarter. It is sticking out. also I have a small pea size hard bump same side but behind my ear.not sore?

Get it checked out by a doctor as it there are a number of causes. It is possible it is a sebaceous cyst, which is very common and easily removed.

Bump on lip?

A bump on your lip would be an ulcer. It could also be a cold sore. If you are concerned, or if it hurts badly, see a doctor.

Sore small bump underneath your left ear lobe what is it?

A sore, small bump underneath the earlobe is likely just a pimple. However, if it does not go away within a week or gets worse, go to the doctor.

What is this sore bump on the base of your skull near your ear?

Go and ask a doctor

What does mean if there is a bump on your lip?

I'm no doctor but either you have a hold sore or a wart.

What could a painless bump on your back be?

a painless bump

I have one bump on my upper lip since I was 16 year old and I want to know how to get rid of it. I already used the cold sore cream and it doesn't work. I have that bump for a very long time.?

If the bump has been there continuously, it is not a cold sore. See a dermatologist for a diagnosis and for treatment options.

Sore spot between the butt and vagina area could that be a hair bump?


What does it mean if a seventeen year old girl has a small bump on her tongue?

Could be a herpes canker sore (small white bumps, sore when pressed).

What is a sore soft painful bump behind your ear near the back of your earring?

If it is near the back of your earring, you might be having an allergic reaction to the material that your eraring is made of. I have this happen to me as well. I can only wear nickel free earrings. Just take your earring out for a few days and the bump should go away.

My boyfriend has a red bump on the bottom of his tongue what could it be?

The red bump on the bottom of your boyfriend's tongue could just be a sore that he got while trying to pierce his tongue.