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What is a diplomat?


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A diplomat is a person who represents their govenment. They could go to a different country. Also they can issue vissas. See also: [[What is an ambassador?]]


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A diplomat is the person who negotiates on behalf of states or countries. A chief diplomat is the person who is the head diplomat.

Nigerian is always capitalized but not diplomat. It should be Nigerian diplomat.

When a diplomat is expelled from the country that he/she is working in, the diplomat is declared persona non grata

Diplomats is the plural of diplomat

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The poem entitled "Diplomat Listening to Another Diplomat" is a poem about a diplomatic speech. In this poem, the person whose point of view it is from is listening to another diplomat give a speech. Hence the name of the poem.

A diplomat is a representative of a country who builds relationships with other nations. Synonyms for diplomat are ambassador, emissary, or attaché.

He"s a talented architect,but a poor diplomat.

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The diplomat was arrested for corruption.The Prime Minister decided to send the Royal Commandos to extract the diplomat from the warzone.The diplomat worked tirelessly to improve relations between the two countries.

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