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Wow, this is interesting.

The idea that one person has more power because they are older is just crazy.

I believe that if one person believes they have more power, they could just abuse and become very harsh.

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Q: What is a disadvantage of the seniority system?
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What is one disadvantage of the seniority system?

The seniority system is a system where workers are rewarded based on the number of years they have worked. A couple disadvantages are performance is not rewarded and there is slow career growth.

Is the seniority system illegal?

The seniority system is not illegal given that the discriminatory intent is not based on race, religion, national origin, gender, and color. The seniority system will be based only on the length of service of an employee.

What provides the leadership of committees?

Seniority system

What is the seniority system?

The seniority system is a chain of command in the workforce which gives preferential treatment to tenured employees such as first vacation requests and schedule preference.

Does the seniority system in congress is an effective way to select leaders?

Do you think that the seniority system in congress in an effective way to select leaders and ssing committee members? why or why not

This has guided the selection of committee chairpersons?

Seniority system

Explain how the seniority system works?

In the seniority system, workers with more experience get preferential treatment in certain respects. Railroad workers with tenure, for example, get shifts that are more desirable.

Why was the seniority system created?

To combat the power of the Speaker of the House.

Both houses of Congress are organized according to what system?


What system gives most desirable assignments to members who have served longest in congress?

Seniority system! :)

What are the advantages of the seniority system?

Its Good When It Comes Down to picking whos first...Seniority is very important in Congress. Under the seniority system, committee chairmanships and other influential positions are decided on the basis of how long a member has been in Congress. The seniority system was created to weaken the power of the Speaker of the House, which had become almost dictatorial. The system provides for an orderly hierarchy and ensures that committee chairmen are sufficiently experienced. Seniority also has its drawbacks: it limits the opportunities for talented young members of Congress to make their mark. Seniority also makes Congress less responsive to reform because power is concentrated in the hands of older, established members.

The seniority system in congress stablizes law Support or Refute?


What decade did modifications to the seniority system take place?


What are pros and cons of committee system?

Some advantages of the committee system include: Congress does not focus on one issue and the committee system allows for a deeper look at each of the bills that are proposed before they are sent to either the full attendance of the House of Representatives or the Senate. One disadvantage of the system, however, is the leader of the committee is chosen by seniority, not knowledge of the issue.

Who determined the leadership of most committees in government until recently?

seniority system

What is the advantage and disadvantage of using a computerized system in front office?

Advantage and disadvantage of Using a Computerized Account System

One disadvantage of using a one pipe heating system is that what?

One disadvantage of using a one pipe heating system is that what?

There were some modifications to the seniority system during what decade?

um they became less important?

What does the seniority system in congress mean?

giving leadership positions to the legislators who have served in Congress the longest.

How do you spell seniority?

That is the correct spelling of "seniority" (a higher ranking).

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the babylonian system?

WHAT are the advantages and disadvantage of the babylonian system

Advantage and disadvantage of reward system?


What are the advantages or disadvantage of docket system in a pharmacy?

An advantage of the docket system, in a pharmacy, is the orderly filling of prescriptions. A disadvantage is the waiting time for some customers.

Compared with the US Congress and most other state legislatures the seniority system in the Texas legislature is?


Why is a seniority system important to a labors group union security?

Theoretically its to remove favoritism by the management in promotions.