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The common law system is a system that gives weight to precedential decisions. This law system is based on the principal that cases that bear similar facts to previous cases should be treated the same. If similar a case has been resolved in the past, the court is "bound" to follow the reasoning behind that decision in their case.

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Q: What is a distinguishing feature of a common law legal system?
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How did common law arrive in Australia?

Australia's legal system was basically adopted from the British legal system along with common law.

What kind of legal system is based on common law?

The Common Law system is based on legal precedents. Most countries that were part of the British Empire are Common Law jurisdictions.

How does the culture of a country affect its legal system?

Many factors can affect a legal system but religion is the most common.

How was Australia's legal system developed?

The common Law system was developed in the United Kingdoms, the legal system developed at the beginning of Last year.

The british colonies in north America were similar to great Britain in this area of the legal system?

Common Law legal system

Legal system in Papua New Guinea?

The legal system in Papua New Guinea is based on the common and English law.

The what legal system is based on common law?

civil law

What things do the US and the UK have in common?

Common heritage, common language, common legal system, democracy, defence policies.

The roots in the common law system lie in what?

English legal tradtion

What is the most important basis of the US legal system?

Its common law

What is the sources of English law?

The source of English law is common law, judge made law, and legislation. The legal system is a legal system of England and Wales.

What was the french legal system and what was English legal system?

The answer to the " three of the following terms are associated with the development of the english legal system, " "A common law, B petit jury, C grand jury, D exchequer"" The answer is D Exchequer

What is the single most important basis of the US legal system?

Common Law

A judges view of law if of little importance in a common legal system?


Which type of law allows for flexibility within a legal system?

Common Law

What is a legal system based on custom and court rulings called?

Common Law.

What is the definition of Malaysia legal system?

The Malaysian legal system is based primarily on the laws from Australia and India. The system uses the common law system and a dual justice system. In the dual justice system Islamic law is observed only by Muslims.

What are four common elements of civilization?

Some common (though not necessarily universal) elements of civilization include a writing system, agriculture, a legal system, and art.

Is a legal system based on a written code of laws?

It can be, wholly or partly. A legal system can also embody 'common law', the body of jurisdiction by a country's courts. In some countries, traditional customs or the Muslim Sha'ria laws and customs are part of the legal system.

Judges use precedent when deciding a case in a common law legal system?


Do judges use precedents when deciding a case in a common law legal system?


Did the legal system in the US evolve from English common law?

Yes, the basis for US law is English common law.

Common law is an inheritance of what legal system?

Common law originated in and was developed in England as the head of the British Empire. It is based on doctrines established in court decisions (precedent) rather than on any written legal code, though statute is paramount and supreme to this 'common law'. This system is opposed to that originating from the Roman Empire called the Civil law system. This civil system is based on an inquisitorial system of law, whereas the common law system of British heritage is based on the adversarial system of law.

What was the English legal system that reflected the customs and principles established over time?

Common Law

Is unwritten judge made law derived from the traditional English legal system?

Common law