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a spreadsheet or worksheet


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Excel can access a file manager. Excel helps you organize and identify your files by using Document Properties.

Yes, it is true that classification helps to organize things into groups.

helps organize and manage the company.

Nope, it is a verb. Organize is an action. An adverb modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb. Therefore, organize is not an action. Hope that helps!! :D

It helps organize the unorginizable.

It helps them organize information.

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frequency table helps us organize data in a categorial or norminal way.

The term WYSIWYG helps you to save most of the time when keying in a document.

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Excel is not a file manager. However, you can organize Excel files by storing them in folders for specific purposes.

Folders where the big benifit. Helps organize.

Stem cells seed which structure that helps develop T cells are the thymus gland.

A graphical document helps people see what you are trying to explain. When you use a graphical document, you are incorporating pictures with words.

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helps cells grow and developreplaces old cellshelps heal the cell -repair damage-

I put the tools and stuff in the right place done! Hope it helps

it helps the genes more and helps with more chromosome

it helps because when you have the geforce x16600 it will remove all the cells in your body

because it helps cells grow.

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