Dolphins and Porpoises

What is a dolphins enemy?

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Killer whale and a goup or sharks

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What is the sharks natural enemy?

Dolphins are the sharks natural enemy

Are dolphins the enemy to sharks?

yes they are

Who is a dolphins enemy?

Killer Whales.

Who are the sharks enemy?

people, porpoises, and dolphins

How much enemies do dolphins have?

they only have one enemy

What are dolphins enemies other than a killer whale?

killer whales are known to be dolphins only enemy

What animal is the dolphins enemy?

Japanese, Sharks and fishing nets

What does circle of kissing dolphins mean?

A circle of dolphins could represent a few things, including the dolphins trying to scare away their enemy. A circle of kissing dolphins symbolizes peace and love.

What does it mean when dolphins circle?

that means that they are trying to scare away their enemy.

Who is the enemy of the dolphin?

The dolphin's worst enemy is the shark, but humans are slowly turning into the shark's worst enemy. Thousands of dolphins die every day in fishing nets.

What are dolphins trained to do?

Dolphins have been trained to do various things such as locating enemy combatants for the navy and rescue lost naval swimmers(military dolphins). They are also trained to have babies................

What is the main enemy of a shark?

a bottlenose dolphins, killer whales, and other sharks

What enemies does dolphin have?

A dolphins biggest enemy is humans. they can get hit by boats and stuff

What is the natural enemy of sharks?

It seems to be dolphins, and in some cases, other sharks.

What eats a pacific white sided dolphin?

Killer whales eat white sided dolphins as well as sharks. Humans are an enemy of dolphins

Does viperfish have enemies?

Yes they do sharks,dolphins,& its most feared enemy DRAGON FISH!

How do dolphins protect itself?

A dolphin defends himself by attacking the enemy with its tail and bashing the enemy in the head with the nose (mouth) which is extremely hard as bedrock.

What animal can live with the dolphin?

Dolphins are carnivores. This means that many of the animals living in the ocean with a dolphin may become prey. The only enemy of dolphins is sharks.

What type of enemies do a great white shark have?

Dolphins are any sharks enemy if you are with a dolphin you are less likely to be attacked by a shark because the dolphins will fight the shark to keep you safe

What is a sharks enemy?

Dolphins and humans. Dolphins can actually fend sharks off, and even kill them. Humans hunt sharks, and pollute the water which kills all sea animals, including sharks.

Who is shark's natural enemy?

People are the largest of enemies for the shark. Porpoises & dolphins are also known to attack or kill sharks.

Why are polar bears a dolphin's enemy?

polar bears and dolphins aren't enemies they live in 2 different places on the globe...

What does the enemy of dolphin and killer whale?

They are both very smart creatures, so not many things can be an enemy for them. Except humans. Though, sharks like to see dolphins as prey, but dolphins usually swim in schools, of large numbers so sometimes sharks would rather scavenge on a dead, or injured dolphin.

Which fish is a dolphin's enemy?

Dolphins are capable of defending itself in a group against preditors, but if alone I would say a group of sharks.

How do pink river dolphins fight off enemies?

They fight off enemies by using there snouts to poke the enemy until it drowns or runs away.

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