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What is a dorsal nerve cord?


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The dorsal nerve cord is a hollow cord dorsal to the notochord.

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Yes, dolphins have a dorsal nerve cord. The dorsal nerve cord is an embryonic feature unique to chordates. Is it hollow and most mammals have one.

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Yes. all animals that have a an endoskeleton and a backbone will be present with a dorsal nerve cord.

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The nerve cord of an earthworm is ventral because the nerve cord runs down the ventral, or belly, plane of the organism compared to a dorsal nerve cord, which would run down the dorsal, or back, plane of the organism.

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Dorsal means pertaining to the back, so a dorsal nerve cord is essentially a spinal cord; it's the never cord in the back. It connects the brain to all of the body below the head.

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Yes. Kangaroos, like humans, are vertebrates, which are a subset of chordates (having a dorsal nerve cord).

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