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What is a drive shaft?

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Rear wheel drive...connects the transmission to the rear end. Transfers power from the motor to the rear axle. Front wheel drive... connects the transmission to each front axle. Usually refered to as CV or drive axle. Same purpose. The drive shaft contains the rod that takes energy from the engine and transmits it to the drive wheels of a car.

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Who invented the drive shaft and when?

A drive shaft allows torque to enter a motor. Louis Renault of France was the inventor of the drive shaft. He invented the drive shaft in 1898.

Drive shaft and intermediate shaft the same?

is the drive shaft the same as the intermediate shaft on a vauxhall corsa car does any body no

Is the drive shaft part of the transmission?

The drive shaft is part of the drive train, not part of the transmission.

Is Drive Shaft a real band?

Yes Drive Shaft is a real band.

The drive shaft connects the transmission to the?

The drive shaft connects the transmission to the differential.

What does drive shaft repair cost?

F150 4x4 drive shaft balanced

How do you replace drive shaft on 1990 Toyota Camry?

tool for drive shaft

How do you remove a drive shaft in 1999 Ford Taurus?

there is no drive shaft it's front wheel drive

What is the purpose of a dry shaft in a car?

there is no dry shaft oly a crankshaft in the engine and the drive shaft that moves the car the drive shaft is connected to the transmission and the rear axle if your car is front wheel drive ypu do not have a drive shaft just a transmission and two axles

Can you shorten the drive shaft to fit a longer shaft on the transmition?

this requires a drive shaft company that can cut and weld it and balance it after.

How do you change a Fiat Doblo drive shaft?

how to remove a drive shaft on a fiat doblo

How do you remove the drive shaft on a 1999 Ford f150 Ford?

Chock the wheels to be sure vehicle will not roll. Mark the differential and drive shaft before removing drive shaft. Remove 4 bolts from differential-end of drive shaft. Place a pan under the transmission-end of drive shaft and have clean rags handy. Push the drive shaft slightly toward the front of the vehicle while pulling downward on the drive shaft and lower it to the ground. Pull the drive shaft toward the rear of the vehicle until the front of the drive shaft pulls out of the transmission. Place the drive shaft on the ground and put rags in the transmission to prevent oil leakage and keep dust/dirt out. Assemply is reverse of removal with special attention to aligning marks on the drive shaft to the mark on the differential.

Which shafts are present in a car?

Axle shaft, steering shaft, drive shaft, distributor shaft

How many u-joints on a 2002 dodge ram 1500 quad cab?

The front axle shaft will be cv style, so zero there.The front drive shaft would have three.The rear drive shaft would have two if it is a one piece shaft, three if a two piece shaft.The front axle shaft will be cv style, so zero there.The front drive shaft would have three.The rear drive shaft would have two if it is a one piece shaft, three if a two piece shaft.

Three differences between a drive shaft and a prop shaft?

1) Drive-shafts are used on FWD but Prop-Shafts are used on RWD or 4WD. 2)A Drive-Shaft has final drive via a CV joint but a Prop-Shaft has final drive via a Differential. 3)A Drive-Shaft is smaller, lighter and saves space by not having a transmition tunnel.

Dodge Durango rear drive shaft removal?

How do you remove drive shaft from a 03 durango

Do you have to change the drive shaft when you replace the drive shaft oil seal on a 2006 Nissan navara?

No you do not.

What are the symptoms of a broken drive shaft?

The drive shaft falls into the street. Before that the car shakes.

What is a carrier bearing?

The carrier bearing is located in the center of a two piece drive shaft. It holds up the center of the drive shaft. The drive shaft extends from the rear of the transmision to the rear drive axle (differental). The two piece drive shaft and the carrier are needed when there is a large angle between the transmission and the differental. The carrier bearing keeps the drive shaft up high under the vehicle.

Can you swap drive shaft 06 silverado to a one piece?

You would need a drive shaft from a suburban

What is the function of a transmission yolk in a truck?

the yolk is attached to the drive shaft by a universal joint. It slides into the transmission and allows the shaft in the trans to engage the drive shaft

How does the drive shaft 98 Subaru Forester come apart?

It is a staked joint drive shaft. It is not meant to be serviced.

What is the shaft that transfers turning energy to the wheels of an automobile?

drive shaft

1948 ford drive shaft infohow do you remove the shaft.?

No proper man wants to be without his shaft

How does a shaft drive work?

It works with gears on both ends of a shaft in stead of a chain. If you have two wheels and they both have gears just like a chain drive but replace the chain with a single shaft that also has gears on each end, you will understand how a shaft drive works.