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A drop down menu comes down from the top of the computer screen, in the gray area. If you click on the things that say; File Edit View; and etc., a drop down menu should come down. A menu whose title is normally visible but whose contents are shown only when the user activates it, normally by clicking on the title or a small arrow next to the title, whereupon the menu items appear below the title. The user may select an item from the menu by dragging the mouse from the menu title to the item and releasing, or by clicking the title and then clicking the item.

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Q: What is a drop down menu?
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A list of things you can choose from in a computer program is called?

A menu or drop-down menu or a drop-down list.

How do you create a drop down menu in CSS?

To create a drop down menu in CSS, use a series of nested

What are the features of menu driven interface?

drop down menu

How do you make a drop down menu?

<select> is a tag for drop down list. <option> is an element which stores the elements of the drop down.

What actors and actresses appeared in Drop Down Menu - 2011?

The cast of Drop Down Menu - 2011 includes: Gizzi Erskine as herself

Where do you find the options in Microsoft Excel?

In to TOOL and down the bottom of the drop down menu is the OPTIONS menu

A drop down menu to control the word program window?

Menu barby:A.C

How do you create drop down menus for a website?

make a web site and then just make a drop down menu

What are the advantages and disadvantages of tree menu drop down menu cascading menu table of contents menu?

sorry i dont know

What is a dropdown menu and how do you use it?

A drop down menu is a feature of most operating systems and many websites. It consists of a word (sometimes in a box) that, when clicked, produces a list of choices that "drop down" from the original choice. On websites, there is often a downwards-pointing arrow next to it to let you know it is a drop down menu. Note that, if screen space is limited, many operating systems will have the resulting menu shoot upwards instead. This is still a "drop down" menu! To use a drop down menu, click the word or box or arrow and select an option. For instance, in your web browser, in the top right you should see the word "File". Click that and a menu will drop down. If you select the last option - "Exit" or "Close" - the web browser will quit.

How can you increase font size of your webpages?

If you are using Internet Explorer go to lower left of the window and you should see a manifying glass with a % number. Click the drop-down menu and increase the percentage. Or, in the View drop-down menu of the Menu Bar, click Zoom. For text size only go to the View drop-down menu of the Menu Bar, click Text Size.

How do you restore top drop down menu on windows 7?

It is called a Dell Dock. Click your start menu then all programs. Dell and click Dell Dock. This should bring back your top drop down menu

What is the box that appears when you right-click?

This is called a drop-down menu or the right-click menu.

How do I remove the msn file menu?

Click on the drop down menu that shows all the new menus in it, go down to the bottom that says 'Show the menu bar' and click it.

How can see your contribution?

In the blue drop down menu, click on my contributions.

Where is the drop down menu on Age of Empires 3?

In-game, the menu can be accessed by clicking on the button in the top-right corner labeled "Menu".

How do you remove icons from menu bar?

Select View then Toolbars from drop down and the remove the Favorites Bar menu

How do you get to the side menu in iTunes?

If you are already on iTunes, click on "View" in the menu bar (at the top of the screen). Then select "Show Sidebar" in the drop down menu.

On pony island how do you breed your pony?

You go to the male ponies profile and scroll down until you see the drop down menu. It will say Breed at the top. The drop down menu will then list the adult females in your stables. You cannot breed babies.

How do you rotate fence in farmmville?

Click on it and in the drop down menu click rotate.

How do you make Windows 98 shut down?

Click on the start menu. Click on shut down. Choose shutdown from the drop menu box. Then click OK.

How do you type in other languages on facebook?

Click account settings (from the drop down menu in the top right corner) Click the edit function next to Language Then simply select the language you want to use from the drop down menu ;)

How can you sign out of new Twitter?

Click on your username at the top right corner. A drop down menu will appear and "Sign out" is at the bottom of the menu.

What is the significance of a faded command in a drop-down menu?

the command is not currently accesible

Which of these computer-related terms is considered a periphsral device?

drop-down menu