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A drum shell kit is comprised of COMPLETE drums only. No hardware or stands. The drums have all lugs, tension rods, rims, spurs, hoops, legs, mounting hardware and heads. No cymbal, hi-hat, snare, tom stands and no bass drum pedal or throne are included in a shell kit. Also, the snare may come with the set on occasion.
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What is a drum kit?

Answer . A drum kit is a collection of percussion instruments designed for one person to play. whether it be an 8 piece kit you'd see on a Metallica stage or a 3 piece Jazz drum set, it's all there.. There is no definition to a drum kit, just an assortment of percussion instruments (probably la ( Full Answer )

What was the first drum kit?

it was the bum bum drum made in Africa on the 1st of may in 1444 a long time ago by a women called roberta.

Who made the drum kit?

Eventually someone (I don't think it's possible to name one specific name) brought several pieces of a marching band together and made it static. That's the beginning of the drum kit.

What are the names of the drums in a drum kit?

Snare drum, bass drum, and toms. There can be different variations, like piccolo snare, double bass, and multiple high and low toms. There is Snare drum, bass drum, high and low toms, floor tom, hi hat (close and openable) ride cymbal and a crash cymbal (Same as the handheld cymbals). Snare dr ( Full Answer )

How are drum kits made?

A percussion instrument consisting of a hollow cylinder or hemisphere with a membrane stretched tightly over one or both ends, played by beating with the hands or sticks. . A sound produced by this instrument. . Something resembling a drum in shape or structure, especially a barrellike metal cont ( Full Answer )

How many drums in a drum kit?

It all depends on what you want to call a drum kit. So I guess it's anything with at least 2 percussion instruments of which at least 1 is a drum. Some drum kits (if we're talking about non live players) have big drum kits on their harddrives. I personally like each of my kits to contain 10 kicks ( Full Answer )

Can you add drums to an electronic drum kit?

yes you can but it is quite expensive and is quite hard to find one that will fit your kit. It also depends on the electric kit you have. If you purchased a standard kit then you will not likely have extra inputs on your drum module / machine, this would require upgrading your module or whole. Whi ( Full Answer )

Who many drums does a drum kit have?

A basic kit is 5 drums, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Snare Drum, 2 Rack toms, and 1 floor tom, however more of any of these can be added, or some can be taken away. Adding cymbals to the kit, a basic set-up for cymbals would be one crash cymbal, one ride cymbal, and one pair of hi-hat cymbals. Also available ( Full Answer )

What is the Name of the cymbals in a drum kit?

U have your high-hat (that's the two cymbals with a foot pedal), then there is the crash cymbal, normally they're around 16 to 20 inches, then the large ride cymbal (used for a lot of metal and jazz drumming), there are also china cymbals and splash cymbals. China cymbals are a harsh sounding effect ( Full Answer )

Who are the great performers of the drum kit?

Depending on musical taste, Buddy Rich was the king of the big band/swing and many modern day drummers hold him in high esteem. In rock drummers the likes of Carl Palmer (ELP), Ian Paice (deep purple) Neil Peart (rush). There are many drummers who are worthy of mention so forgive me if i didn't ment ( Full Answer )

Cost of 12 drum kits?

It depends on what makes you buy or whether you buy electric or acoustic kits

What are drum kits made out of?

The shells are normally made of plywood, rolled through a machine to make a cylinder shape, then glued and a coating applied (coloured finish). Some drum kits are made of acrylic (see through). The snare drum if not made of plywood is sometime made of metal, Steel, brass, copper alloy. Fittings and ( Full Answer )

Average weight of a drum kit?

It depends on various factors, make of kit, how many drums, what accessories and hardware.

What is a 22' fusion drum kit?

In drum kit lingo, a "fusion" kit refers to the size of size (diameter) of the drums in the "kit" (set of drums that you'd buy at a store, say Guitar Center) A fusion kit consists of smaller-sized drums compared to a non-fusion kit: 10 inch tom 12 inch tom 14 inch floor tom The 22" is th ( Full Answer )

What is the pitch of a drum kit?

I drum set is deemed under untuned as percussion instruments go. Even though you might be able to tune the toms to either 3rds or 4ths.

What are drum shells?

the shells are the drums bascially the snare toms and bass drum everything else is something different, these are usually called hardware so .. cymblas and stands

What makes a drum kit a drum kit?

A drum kit is another name for a set of drums, so to ask what makes a drum kit is like what makes a set of anything, pans, golf clubs, its down to the individual to buy what they think is the perfect set for them. A drum kit can be as many drums and accessories as you want, many years ago before the ( Full Answer )

How do you mic up a drum kit?

To Mic up a drum kit is trial and error most times the mic is positioned on a stand just above the drum head, boom mic stands are used to get the mic closer in to the drums, the bass drum mic is placed to the front of the drum, a mic on a boom stand is normally placed over head to pick up the cymbal ( Full Answer )

Cheap drum kit brands?

Session Pro Drumkit's They are usually priced at about £500 but if you were to look on a site like eBay people buy drumkits and decide they havent really taken to it so sell them for the most about £150

Where can you buy an electric drum kit?

You can buy it online with ebay, amazon and other internet auction sites. I bought mine from Drum Central, Glasgow, Scotland

What does a drum kit have?

If you mean the parts... Here are the usual parts to a drum set. Snare drum Bass drum Floor tom Tom-toms High-hat Cymbal Ride Heres a diagram so you can get a picture of what they look like. http://home-3.tiscali.nl/~stolp01/daan/drumpage/images/drumset.jpg

How does a drum-kit work?

A drum kit works just like a drum set. You beat on it! There's no difference!!

How old is the drum kit?

If you are looking for the age of a specific drum kit, more information would be required (brand, model, serial number or even a link to pictures). If you are looking for the age of the "drum kit" in general, the short answer is about 80 years. While ensembles of percussion instruments have been a ( Full Answer )

Where does a cowbell go on a drum kit?

I've seen drum sets that have an attachment that connects to the bass drum rim in between the toms that the cow bell sits on and I personally have attached my cow bell to one of my cymbal stands. Really you can put it wherever is best suited for you. Remember if you are setting up "your" kit shouldn ( Full Answer )

What are facts about the drum kit?

The drum kit is a member of the percussion family of instruments. The drum kit is made up of many drums and cymbals used together. Drum kits are the most important instrument in most rock bands for keeping time. Drummers have to use their all four limbs to play different things. The drum kit is usu ( Full Answer )

What is the best starter drum kit?

the best starter kit on the market today has to be the Mapex Tornado 2010 starter kit. But i would stay away from Gear 4 music that was my first kit and it lasted me half a year before bits started breaking. You could also try the Mapex Horizon HX Drum kit if you have a high budget that is the kit i ( Full Answer )

Which types of bands have drum kits?

Rock bands, pop bands, metal bands, grunge bands, country and western bands, punk bands, alternative rock bands, progressive rock bands, indie rock bands, latin-american bands, jazz bands, blues bands, glam rock bands, gospel bands, death metal bands.. to name a few. But should give you an idea. Are ( Full Answer )

How did the drum kit evolve?

The standard drum kits used by bands today evolved from band pits at sporting events across Europe and the USA. Band pits became too small and drum players were given a snare drum and a bass drum, which was modified to work with a pedal. This already eliminated one person. Later hi-hats and cymbals ( Full Answer )

Who developed the drum kit?

Nobody in particular developed the drum kit as we know it today. It did however evolve from band pits at sporting events across Europe and the USA. Band pits became too small and drum players were given a snare drum and a bass drum, which was modified to work with a pedal. This already eliminated on ( Full Answer )

What is a good drum kit brand?

I would recomend a combination between pearl and zildjian. Cymbals are expensive, so don't hesitate to buy used.

How is a bass drum played in a drum kit?

With a foot pedal. The pedal is usually chain driven and utilizes a beater (soft or hard) which rotates when the chain is pulled down by the foot to strike the bass drum.

What drums are also in a drum kit?

There are multiple drums in a drum kit some examples are the Snare Drum, Rack tom, floor tom, splash symbol, crash symbol, ryde, hi-hat, and the mini snare.

How maney drums are in a drum kit?

it depends, a jazz set can have three or four drums a ride and hi hat cymbal where as a hard rock set could have two bass drum 8 power toms and two dozen cymbals it all depends on the style of music. Some drummers even have Latin percussion instruments

What is the name drum in the center of a drum kit?

There is the bass drum or kick drum which is on the floor that usually holds your toms and then there is the snare which is the center of the drum set. The snare is probably the most important drum in the whole set so it is known as the center of the drum set or kit

What might be included in a drum kit?

A drum kit will contain at least four drums. It will also have a floor tom, hanging toms, a hi-hat, a ride cymbal, a splash cymbal, and a ride cymbal.

How is the electric drum kit different from the acoustic drum kit?

In just about every way. Acoustic drums are just that, actual drums with drum shells, lugs, tension rods & hoops, and drum heads. The sound is produced by the vibration of the drum heads and drum shell. Electric (electronic) drums are really nothing more than a MIDI instrument with triggers shaped t ( Full Answer )

Which electronic drum kit is best?

If you're looking for cheap electric drum sets, I would shoot for the Roland TD-11KV with mesh heads. It's about $1600. If you just want a nice drum set and price isn't really an issue, go for the Roland TD-30, which is about $7,500, but it is definitely one of the nicest drum sets around. I'm a hug ( Full Answer )