What is a dry sherry?

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It's a wine that can be also serve as an apertif. A fortified spanish wine from the Jerez region of southern Spain, wine ranging from very dry to sweet and from amber to brown.=It is also used as an ingredient to many foods.==there are types of sherry: Fino is a pale straw and gold color, with a delicate crisp aroma (nutty). It is ideal with tapas, soups, seafood, fish, ham and mild cheese. Manzanilla: Straw colored, has a crisp aroma, and it is dry and light. It is excellent with tapas, seafood, mild cheese, white fish and ham. It must be served chilled. Cream Sherry is an Oloroso sweetened with rich Pedro Ximenez grapes. Its color is dark or very dark mahogany. Its aroma is round, crisp and velvety. An ideal dessert sherry. Oloroso is initially dry, amber to mahogany in color with a strongly fragrant aroma. Full bodied (nutty). Very good before meals and with game and red meats. Pale Cream is a smooth wine of pale or very pale color, with a Fino crisp aroma and a sweet taste. It is excellent to accompany foie-gras and fresh fruit salad. Cream sherries are generally sweetened Amontillado or Oloroso and combine a deep mahogany-color with an intense aroma. Sweet and velvety, with full body. Amontillado is amber in color, naturally dry but with a deep fresh nutty aroma. Smooth and full bodied. A wonderful aperitif and a good match for white meats, oily fish and mature cheese. Palo Cortado is a hybrid of Fino and Oloroso as the yeast is allowed to develop and then die off. This produces a bright mahogany-colored wine with a hazelnut bouquet and a dry palate. Medium is an amber to mahogany colored wine with a delicate bouquet and slightly sweet. It's basically a sweetened Oloroso and also called brown, golden milk or rich Sherry. Pedro Jimenez is made from one of the other types of Sherry grape. It is normally used to color and sweeten other sherries, but is also drunk on its own. Very sweet. Moscatel or Moscat is a dark mahogany-colored wine, produced from the other grape variety used in Sherry. It is normally used to sweeten other sherries, and is a smooth, sweet wine with an aroma or raisins. Smooth texture but very sweet.=

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Q: What is a dry sherry?
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Is cooking sherry the same as dry sherry?

Cooking sherry is not the same as dry sherry. Dry sherry is not as sweet as regular sherry while cooking sherry is sherry with salt added.

What is the equivalent of dry sherry?

What is the equivalent to dry cooking sherry?

Medium dry sherry?

Sherry is a wine that is fortified with brandy. Medium dry sherry is a cooking wine that is used in a variety of recipes.

Substitute cream sherry?

Cream sherry is a sweet and dark sherry. When being substituted in recipes, you could use dry sherry, dry vermouth or dry white wine. These will however, affect the taste of the recipe.

Can I substitute dry Marsala with dry sherry?


Is Harvey's Bristol Cream a dry sherry?

It's a sweet sherry

Can you substitute rice wine for dry sherry?

Yes you may be able to use rice wine instead of dry sherry,most recipes when asking for dry sherry state either or can be used.

Can you substitute marsala wine for dry sherry?

absolutely! although it may be a tad sweeter than dry sherry.

Can cooking sherry replace dry sherry?

Answer:Yes, they are essentially the same product.Answer:Cooking sherry contains salt; dry sherry does not. Cooking sherry cannot be used in drinks at all (it's only palatable in cooking--hence the name). If you use it in place of dry sherry in a recipe, you may want to reduce the salt elsewhere in the recipe.

Do you use dry sherry or creamy sherry in soups?

Usually it's sherry, but you can use whichever you prefer the taste of.

What is dry sherry made of?

Sherry is made from grapes that are grown in a specific region in Spain. It comes in a few varieties, including dry.

Is dry sherry an alcoholic beverage?

Yes Sherry has an alcohol content of around 20%

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