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I believe a dry vent is one that does not allow waste to go through it but just air to be released.

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Q: What is a dry vent?
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How do I know if my vent dryer is clogged?

If your vent dryer is clogged there will be no heat coming out. It will also take longer for things to dry.

Is your air vent supposed to be opened or closed when making jerky?

The air vent should be open to allow steam to escape. If it doesn't escape, your jerky will not dry out.

Can you reduce cloths dry vent pipe from 4 to a 3 pipe?

NO it can cause a fire or an explosion

How do you tell when a hen is too old to lay eggs?

The Vent of a healthy hen in prime laying age is moist and bright. Older hens dry up and the vent "washes out' in color.

If you wash toms at night can it be dry by morning?

If you wash a pair of Toms at night they should be dry by he time morning comes. I would suggest putting the shoes on a sir vent to help them dry quicker.

Explain how the AUTO DRY cycle on a clothes dryer works How it knows that the clothing is dry?

As the clothes dry, water is evaporated. This evaporation lowers the temperature of the air flowing out the dryer vent. Once most of the water is evaporated, the cooling effect is gone, and the temperature of the vent air rises. The dryer has a temperature sensor in the vent outlet that senses the temperature rise and shuts off a few minutes later. I wondered this myself after I got a new dryer with the auto dry feature and so researched the subject a few months ago. Inquiring minds want to know!

Is a chickens cloaca pink?

Yes. A hens vent area should be pink/pale and moist during the laying years. Changes in color and a dry vent area indicate either illness or aging out.

Can you drain a washing machine or dishwasher into an inside soil stack?

Yes, as long as it isn't a dry VENT stack

What to use to clear water from vent pipe?

Wet Dry or a drip leg as required by most civilized codes

Who offers dryer vent cleaning in Arlington, TX?

There are many companies in the Arlington area that offer dryer vent cleaning. You can contact ALLGone at 817-589-1632. If the clothes are hotter than usual at the end of a dry cycle or if they aren't getting dry in the same amount of time, that could mean it needs cleaned.

Is it bad when your toilet overflows and gallons of water pour down a heating vent if so how is it fixed?

You can have the ducts cleaned or just not worry about it. They will dry out fairly quickly. Hopefully it was mainly water and not less pleasant things. Take out the vent, use a towel to clean what you can and maybe spray some disinfectant down the vent.

Which company provides a dryer vent cleaning service?

If your are looking in USA then A1 Air Duct is the best company for dry vent cleaning. They are very affordable and provides you amazing service.

An opening for fumes or smoke to escape?

a vent

How do you blowdry your hair like a pro?

when blow drying your hair it is best to section your hair to make sure that you get all of it dry. start by sectioning your hair into the hot cross bun method, then take a small section from the bottom two sections, if your wanting a blow dry with volume use a round vent brush, if your wanting a straight dry use a normal vent brush and work through your hair a section at a time. (: x

What is the difference between a single vent sports coat and a double vent sports coat?

A single vent is down the middle A double vent has a vent near the sides

How do you pronounce vent?


Can you vent air into a sewer vent pipe?

No. You vent air from a sewer line.

What rhymes with haven't?

vent vent

What is a vent solenoid?

Vent solenoid

Why does your hair feel colder under an air conditioning vent when your hair is wet than when it is dry?

the cold air is making the water in your hair cold which makes your hair cold. if your hair is dry then there is no water in i for the hair to be as cold as it is when its wet.

Why would a clothes dryer make clothes dry faster than letting them air dry?

Because when you use a dryer it's adding heat and movement to your clothes and the heat evaporated the water and it's gets sucked out the vent.

Does carbonated water taste good?

Carbonated water does not taste good. Have you ever gone to refill your soda and the syrup is out? All you will taste is the carbonated water, gross. Similarly if you put dry ice in a water cooler filled with regular water, the CO2 given off by the dry ice 'vaporizing' can mix with the water and cause it to taste like carbonated water if not allowed to vent. If the dry ice 'vaporization' is allowed to vent out then all you will taste is water, but it will be ice cold.

What is the function of a silica gel in a electric power transformer?

Transformer tanks are fitted with a 'breather' vent, which allows air to be drawn in, or expelled, as the oil level varies. A silica gel cell is located in the the vent's tubing to ensure that any air drawn into the transformer is dry.

What is the difference between a B vent and A vent?

A vent is non insulated and should be boxed in on the outside of your home. B vent is insulated and can be left exposed,

What is a central vent?

it is a vent that is in the center obviously