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Within the reach of understanding the Statement" To those who have will be given, and those who have not will be taken" of short order, The Economy of the Wealthy, Vs the Economy of the Poor, both living in the same moments, one in a dream, the other in a nightmare this is a excerpt from one of thousands of examples relative to the Theories: Status distributions are nearly always positively skewed, with a majority of the population occupying less than average status and small numbers occupying status that is far above average.
For any discussion of status above the median, the upper status has more extensive relations with the lower than the lower has with the upper. Most people are insulated from social contacts with the elite. Except for the lowest strata, the probability of people's associating with others below their status is greater than the probability of their associating with others equidistant above them.
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A duel economy is a concept originally by Julius Herman Boeke, in which there are two different economic systems within one country. This is more common in less developed countries, where one system aids local needs and another exists merely for global exportation purposes.
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A dual society occurs when two (or more) social systems appearsimultaneously. The term was coined by economist Julius HermanBoeke through characterizing a society in the economic sense.

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The term dual monarchy is generally used only to describeAustria-Hungary between 1867 and 1918. Following its defeat at thehands of Prussia in 1866 and its subsequent exclusion from Germany,the government of the Austrian Empire did a deal with its mostpowerful and potentially 'troublesome' minorit ( Full Answer )

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Service provide on low rates . take care customer satisfaction . can provide door to door services . can give best quality on cheaper rates . value for customer satisfaction . started for giving services not for profit motive. Disadvantages . give slow services . sometimes customer may no ( Full Answer )

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What is dual economic?

what is dual economic? A dual economy is the existence of two separate economic systems within one country, a concept created by Julius Herman Boeke. Dual economies are common in less developed countries, where one system is geared to local needs and another to the global export market.

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The lever which is pivoted at A below is in equilibrium. (a) Calculate the magnitude of P (b) Calculate the reaction (both the magnitude and direction) at the pivot A. 50 N 2m 2m 3m . A 60 N 30° P 40 N

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Economy means the financial and industrial system of a country. Economy consisted of 3 things. The 3 things that the economy has is production, distribution or trade.