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What is a example of popular sovereignty?

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Popular sovereignty is when the power of government lies with the people. The United States is an example. When slavery still existed, different territories had different opinions, so, they let each territory decide if they wanted slavery or not.

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What is the examples of popular sovereignty?

Bleeding Kansas was an example of popular sovereignty before the Civil War.Popular sovereignty was used in Eastern Europe to create several countries.

Is voting an example of popular sovereignty?


What is a modern day example of popular sovereignty?


What is popular sovereignty and how did it affect ny government?

an example is the US Constitution Preable

Where do we see an example of popular sovereignty in the preamble of the constitution?

No. The preamble states nothing about it.

What is a non example of popular sovereignty?

Vetoing a bill, power given to the president

Is same-sex marriage an example of popular sovereignty?

No, it's actually an example of a human right.

Is popular sovereignty important to a republic?

Popular sovereignty is important to a republic. The main principle of popular sovereignty is that the government is created by the people for the people.

What sovereignty was Stephen Douglas?

Popular Sovereignty

Who are those who rule in popular sovereignty?

Those who rule the popular sovereignty are the people.

What was Douglas's stand on popular sovereignty?

Douglas strongly defended popular sovereignty.

How do you use popular sovereignty in sentence?

The popular sovereignty dissolved rather quickly.

What was the concept of Popular Sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is the belief or concept that the state is created by the will of its people. True popular sovereignty gives political power to the state.

How is the right to vote related to the concepts of popular sovereignty and the consent of the governed?

Answer: The Right to vote is a type of popular sovereignty. The consent of the governed is popular sovereignty.

Why is popular sovereignty an important part of the government?

Because popular sovereignty is part of the government and when they elect the leader they needed popular sovereignty right that is why an important.

What was the practice of popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty or the sovereignty of the people is the principle that the authority of the government is created and sustained by the consent of its people

What is popular sovereignty about?

Popular Sovereignty is about a majority of people have the right to decide how to govern themselves.

A sentence using popular sovereignty?

Popular Sovereignty is a government in which the common people rule.

Which provisions in the constitution ensure popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty refers to a political doctrine which states that governmental powers resides in the people. The Preamble ensures popular sovereignty.

Under popular sovereignty who decides whether slavery would be allowed in a territory?

popular sovereignty

Does popular sovereignty mean limited government?

kinda popular sovereignty means the people get to decide

What is popular sovereignity?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that a democratic form of government gets its power (sovereignty) from the people (hence the "popular" part). For a more in-depth explanation, click on the link that says Popular Sovereignty.

What is the popular sovereignty and how does the constitution support the idea of popular sovereignty?

popular sovereignty is the belief that the legitimacy of the state is created by the will or consent of its people, who are the source of every political power and the constitution does support it.

Does Argentina'sconstitution guarantee popular sovereignty?

Yes, Argentina's constitution does guarantee popular sovereignty. Their constitution says that it will abide by the laws within popular sovereignty. This is the idea that people will govern themselves.

What body has control when a society has popular sovereignty?

Popular sovereignty is the idea that government derives its power from the people.

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