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Q: What is a exclamatory question?
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What is the question answer flow for an exclamatory sentence?


Is the sentence Do you know where nebraska is Is it a declarative interrogative or a command or a exclamatory?

You are asking a question- that is an interrogative,

What letter is an exclamatory?

no letters are exclamatory, but there is exclamatory puntuation = "!"

Ouch that hurts is this declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


Use the word exclamatory in a sentence?

his sentences were not Exclamatory. The news was exclamatory for everyone.

A sentence with the word exclamatory?

exclamatory sentence is very useful. You left him there? Real Exclamatory.

How do you use loquacious in an exclamatory sentence?

"What a loquacious little girl!" (see related question)

Can you use periods and question marks with exclamatory sentence?

No, you would use an exclamation point.

How do you spell exclamatory?

Exclamatory is the correct spelling.

Is ouch that hurts interrogative imperative exclamatory or declarative?

it is exclamatory because, exclamatory is said with a feeling

What is declarative interrogative imperative and exclamatory?

Declarative- is a statement and ends with a period(.) Interrogative- asks a question and ends with a question mark(?). Imperative- commands some on to do something and ends with a period(.). Exclamatory- shows strong feeling and ends with a exclamation mark(!).

After the ceremony was over everyone went out to celebrate is that sentence declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?


Types of sentence compliments?

Declarative (statement) Imperative (command) Interrogative (question) Exclamatory (exclamation[!])

Make exclamatory of It is a beautiful picture?

This is a wondergul picture ( Exclamatory)

Is wow an exclamatory sentence?

"Wow!" would be an exclamatory sentence.

If an imperative sentence ends with an exclamation mark is it imperative or exclamatory?

An imperative sentence is a command or suggestion. It does not become an exclamatory sentence just because it ends in an exclamation mark. An exclamatory sentence expresses emotion or fervor, and may be declarative or interrogative (for example, a strong statement or an hysterical question).

When do you use 'does ' in a sentence?

Usually when asking a question, such as, "Does this work?" It can also be used as a statement or exclamatory statement, such as, "It does not work!"

How many paragraphs does an exclamatory essay have?

Exclamatory essay have three paragraphs.

How do you correct spell exclamatory?

You spelled it correctly the first time: exclamatory

What is look out below is it interrogative declarative imperative or exclamatory?

it is exclamatory :D

What is the name of the punctuation sign in which the question mark is followed by an exclamation mark?

This is not a single punctuation with a separate name. It signifies a question asked in an exclamatory way.

Is Look out below an exclamatory sentence?

Yes, "Look out below!" is an exclamatory sentence.

Who is your favorite music artist is this sentence declarative interrogative imperative or exclamatory?

It is interrogative, being a question and starting with the word "who".

What are the four types of a sentence?

Declarative sentence(Telling someone something, something that doesn't need an answer.) Imperative sentence(A command or a request) Interogative sentence(A question) Exclamatory sentence( something with an exclamatory mark at the end of the sentence)

The cannon boomed loudly over the Mississippi River Is this sentence declarative or exclamatory?