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Stakeholder should be internal or external?

Generally, stakeholders are external. If an employee is at the same time a stakeholder of the company he works for, then he is both internal and external.

Can an external stakeholder be considered a primary stakeholder?

It depends on the situation but in most cases, the answer is Yes. For ex: if your company is executing a project to create a website for my company, I am a stakeholder of the project but i am external to your company. I dont work in your company, but the success or failure of your project has a direct impact on me. Hence I am a primary stakeholder even though I am external.

Can an internal stakeholder be considered a primary stakeholder?

It depends on the project. Sometimes internal stakeholders are much more important than external stakeholders, sometimes external stakeholders don't even exist in the project (it's mainly an internal project). So I think the answer is Yes, an internal stakeholder can be considered a primary stakeholder.

Explain the external stakeholder affecting hospitality organisation?


Is a trade union an internal or external stakeholder?

they are internal because they are dons....

What is a external stakeholder?

Entities such as customers, suppliers, lenders, or the wider society which influence and are influenced by an organization but are not its 'internal part'.

Which types of external stakeholder of an it service provider is the person or group who defined and agreed to the service level targets?


What is the difference between internal and external stakeholders in a hospital?

The public is an external stakeholder as are federal and state governments, insurance companies, employers, and patients. Physicians, nurses, therapists are internal stakeholders

What is internal and external stakeholder?

Internal Stakeholders (stakeholders within the project organization or the project): Senior Management, Sponsors, Project Manager, Core Team... External Stakeholders (stakeholders external to the project organization and to the project): Regulators, Licensing Agencies...

Difference between customer and stakeholder?

stakeholder customer

How does Apple Inc manage their stakeholder groups?

stakeholder of the apple In.?

Components of the tourism stakeholder system?

components of the tourism stakeholder system

What is connected stakeholder?

Connected Stakeholder are directly connected with business organisations.

Stakeholder of mutual fund?

A stakeholder of a mutual fund is someone who has interest in it.

What are stakeholder claims?

A stakeholder is any person who affects or is affected by the activities of an organisation. A claim is the outcome that the stakeholder seeks or the outcome which would benefit the stakeholder most or harm it least

What is a stakeholder matrix?

The stakeholder matrix is a simple, but effective tool for analyzing stakeholders. Stakeholders are any individuals or groups who can be affected or affect a business. The stakeholder matrix is a graph which is split into 4 quadrants. A common matrix plots stakeholders by power on the y axis and interest on the x axis. Stakeholders with low power and low interest aren't very important. Stakeholders with high power and high interest are very influential and need to be carefully managed.

What is a internal stakeholder?

An internal stakeholder are those from within the business e.g. managers and staff

Who are the stakeholder of the project management in Nepal?

Stakeholder are people who have an interest in company or organization's affairs.

What are the Examples of a stakeholder?

A stakeholder is an individual or group of people who have an interest in a business. Some stakeholders are stockholders, employees, customers, the community or society in which the company operates, etc. Sometimes, even the government can be a stakeholder. Anyone that has a "stake" in the company is a stakeholder basically.

What is a non-market stakeholder?

A stakeholder that does not engage in direct economic exchange with a company, but is affected by or can affect its actions. (Also called a secondary stakeholder.) An example are NGO's.

Difference between internal and external stakeholder?

in company or business, internal stake holders means the actual owners, employees and other realted people, where as external stakeholders are those are are directly impacted by the busines and inclusdes, regulators, social orgainizations, the government etc.

Stakeholder are people or organizations that have an interest in a company?

Stakeholder are people or organizations that have bought shares in a company.

What is the Stakeholder analysis of consumer and employee?

Stakeholder Analysis is a technique used to identify stakeholders and analyze their needs. A complete and comprehensive series on stakeholder analysis is provided in the related links section.

Which documents are outputs of the initiating process group?

- Project Charter - Stakeholder management strategy - Stakeholder register

What immediate priorities does each stakeholder have?

The immediate priorities that each stakeholder has to take depends with the issues at hand.