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(For a right hander) A fade is a shot in Golf, which starts to the left of the target line and moves back towards the target.

For a right hander it is a left to right shot, for a left hander it is a right to left shot.

A fade is quite a nice shot to hit, it is useful when trying to get a shot to land softer, or take a couple of yards of a club.

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How do you shape a fade shot in golf?

A easy way to have a fade in your shot is open your stance and body. This means if your aiming at a particular object in the distance if you're a righty, open your body and stance to the left and then swing as normal as you can from that.

How do you cut a golf shot?

To cut a golf shot, or fade the golf ball, (for a right handed golfer) aim your body where you want the ball to start, and aim the club face where you want the ball to finish. You should then swing out to in, and the ball should start left and turnover to the right.

Why does your golf ball fade to the right?

For a right handed golfer, poor aim, poor alignment, open club face at impact or an out to in swing path.

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