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What is a fakir?

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a fakir is a person who either swallows swords or walks on nails or pretty much does some crazy stuff and painful!

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Is fakir a Hindu monk?

A fakir is Muslim.

A sentence with the word fakir?

Saibaba was a fakir but not a beggar

What actors and actresses appeared in Fakir - 1998?

The cast of Fakir - 1998 includes: Pavan Malhotra as Fakir

When was Allan Fakir born?

Allan Fakir was born in 1932.

When did Fakir of Ava die?

Fakir of Ava died in 1891.

When was Fakir of Ava born?

Fakir of Ava was born in 1813.

When was Fakir Dungryia born?

Fakir Dungryia was born in 1971.

When was Sohrab Fakir born?

Sohrab Fakir was born in 1934.

When did Allan Fakir die?

Allan Fakir died on 2000-07-04.

When was Jamal Fakir born?

Jamal Fakir was born on 1982-08-30.

When was Fakir Mohan University created?

Fakir Mohan University was created in 1999.

When did Sohrab Fakir die?

Sohrab Fakir died on 2009-10-23.

When was Fakir Chand College created?

Fakir Chand College was created in 1948.

What is the birth name of Fakir Musafar?

Fakir Musafar's birth name is Roland Loomis.

What is the birth name of Fakir Baykurt?

Fakir Baykurt's birth name is Tahir Baykurt.

What is the difference between a Muslim fakir and a Hindu fakir?

The word Fakir has two meanings. A fakir is a person who shuns the worldly wishes and leads a contented life. He is content with whatever little he has. He is a loving personality and is ready to serve humans irrespective of their religion, caste, color or any other division. This is one kind of Muslim Fakir.Another kind of Fakir is beggar. A beggar is beggar irrespective of his religion. Islam does not encourage this kind of Fakir or beggar. Islam makes it obligatory on each man to earn his living by the sweat of his brow.About Hindu fakir, a Hindu should give answer.

When was Salem Al Fakir born?

Salem Al Fakir was born on October 27, 1981.

When did Fakir Mohan Senapati die?

Fakir Mohan Senapati died on 1918-06-14.

When was Fakir Mohan Senapati born?

Fakir Mohan Senapati was born on 1843-01-13.

When was Fakir Baykurt born?

Fakir Baykurt was born on June 15, 1929, in Yesilova, Burdur, Turkey.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sophie and the Fakir - 1915?

The cast of Sophie and the Fakir - 1915 includes: Joe Cassidy Margaret Joslin as Sophie Harry Todd as Dr. Fitz, the Fakir

When was Abdul 'Duke' Fakir born?

Abdul 'Duke' Fakir was born on December 26, 1935.

When was Fakir Musafar born?

Fakir Musafar was born on August 10, 1930, in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA.

What has the author Fakir Syed Waheeduddin written?

Fakir Syed Waheeduddin has written: 'Mohsin azam aur mohsineen'

When did Fakir Baykurt die?

Fakir Baykurt died on October 11, 1999, in Essen, Germany of pancreatic cancer.

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