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Moscow,St,Petersburgh,Volga River and the Mt.Elbrus.

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What are the famous places of Russia?

The one and only famous place is Moscow its like the largest city in Russia

Famous place starts with R?


What famous place starts with r?

Russia, Romania

What is the most famous place in russia?

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

What is one famous monument place in the Russia?

The Red Square in Moscow.

What is the most famous place in Russia to visit?

Saint Petersburg or Moscow.

What is the most famous in Russia?

Siberia is famous in Russia

What famous disaster happened at Chernobyl in Russia?

There was no famous disaster (or anything else) at Chernobyl in Russia as there is no such place. However for the disaster that occurred in Chernobyl in the Ukraine, please see the related question.

What is the Famous Landmarks in Russia?

the palace of basin is the most famous landmark in russia. it was made in 1884.

Why was Catherine the Great famous?

Catherine the Great is famous for westernizing Russia. She also was empress & tsarina of Russia.

What is Russia famous for?

Russia is famous for it's rich black soil, vodka, caviar, communism, and Borshch.

What are some famous buildings in Russia?

The Moscow Building in Russia

Was Stalin famous for leading Russia?

Stalin was both famous and infamous in leading Russia, actually, the Soviet Union.

What countries is famous for ballet?

i think that it is russia........that is the most famous.....

What is famous thing in Russia?

the gardens

What product was russia famous for?


What famous place that starts with e?

Egypt is a famous place. England is a famous place.

Where were some famous people born in Russia?

Which famous people do you mean?

What is the most remote place in Russia?

Oymyakon, Asian Russia.

What is Anna Pavlova famous for?

Anna Pavlova is a famous Russian person. Also, Anna Pavlova is most famous for being a choreographer in Russia and a beautiful, prima ballerina in Russia.

Is Russia a nice place to vacation?

Russia is a great place to visit, but I would not want to live there. Russia is very nice in very few parts for an American.

What place are the rubles in?


What name of a famous place starts with the letter R?

· Russia · Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · Rome, Italy · Rockefeller Center in New York City

Who is the most famous person in Russia?


What is the most famous food in Russia?