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What is a farm subsidy?

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Farm "subsidy:" # Monetary assistance granted by a government to a person or group in support of an enterprise regarded as being in the public interest. # Financial assistance given by one person or government to another. # Money formerly granted to the British Crown by Parliament. It is money the government gives to farmers to help subsidise their farms. It is taxpayer money given to farmers to help keep the price of their goods lower. * I'd like to add that while these funds were originally used to help the small family farmer (and I suppose still is to the few who have not been taken over or replaced by large corporate farmers), much of the subsidy money (our tax money) is now given to large corporate farmers and universities and colleges who engage in agricultural studies and production. Note: This question was originally answered on the qustion here:

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Yes they do need subsidy they need money to build and the farmers get money for having a wind turbine in their farm they get subsidy very very high subsidy all from the tax payer

What did Earl Butz as Secretary of Agriculture in the Nixon Administration do to change farm subsidy programs?

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What allotment is an economic control the federal government issues to control agriculture industry?

A farm or crop subsidy

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the defined needs of the colonists were, by far, the same or similar as they are today, however, the poor farmers were not kept alive by farm-subsidy programs.

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In the US, hungry people get the largest share. Nutrition programs (mainly Food Stamps) account for a full 70% of the entire budget of the US Department of Agriculture. Farm commodity programs make up about 17%.

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