What is a faster a Harley or a gsxr1000?

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A GSXR 1000 are quick they can reach up to almost 300km. Harelys can be quick it depends on what CC is the bike. But if I had to choose one it would have to be the GSXR because it is relativily lighter then the harley. Get the GSXR! The only way a Harley would ever beat any gsxr whether the 600, 750, 1000 or the 1340 Hyabusa would be to drop it from a plane. Which is the only use I have for a Harley other than a boat anchor!
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Who are Harley benton?

Harley Benton is a rebadged guitar brand. A German retailer ("Thomann") uses this name exclusively to brand guitars made in Asia (mainly China and Korea). They are inexpensive and are not of the same quality as major brands. But they're not bad either - good value for money.

What does a Harley Davidson do?

This is a question that can be answered in a million ways. For me it means freedom, it takes me down the road of life and enjoyment, it makes me feel at peace with the world. It also chases away my depression. Anywhere you go in the world you will always find people that trailer a Harley and these p ( Full Answer )

What is the Harley Davidson history?

Harley Davidson was founded by William Harley and Arthur Davidsonin Wisconsin. The world famous motorcycle company started in 1903.

Is there glue on Harley grips?

Most Harley grips require glue on the clutch side. Gel type superglue works well, but do not use too much. Be sure the inside of the grip is clean. Use some acetone on a rag draped over a screwdriver to clean the inside of the grip, and then do the grip surface of the handlebar. 5-7 drops of supergl ( Full Answer )

Best Harley Davidson?

Well .... That depends ... (which as most people know is one of the two standard answers to any question that may be conceived, the other being: "compared to what?".. It depends on what kind of riding experience you are looking for. If you are looking for a small, light weight bike that also has t ( Full Answer )

What do Harley Davidson skulls represent?

The Harley Davidson skulls represent the life and the consciousnessof the human beings. It is basically used in the honoring of life.

How many miles per gallon does a 2009 GSXR1000 get?

Not even designed yet. Wait till 09 Mileage depends on how you ride. Bikes of that type get somewhere between 30 and 50 mpg on the street. If on the track might only get 15-20. Commuting maybe 40-45 would be a good estimate.

What is Suzuki GSXR1000 top speed?

186 MPH, 300 KPH (speed is deliberately limited) \n. http://videos.streetfire.net/video/GSXR1000-K6-nearing-top_43315.htm \n. Note in the video, top speed is reached in 5th gear.

Will Suzuki hayabusa swingarm fit Suzuki gsxr1000?

\nAssuming that we are talking about K series Gixer Thou. (K1 thru K7) Then YES they will fit. They are 1 inch longer and have more bracing. That means they weigh more too.

Who is Alex harley?

a tame racing driver for topgear racing he is mega crazy he plays the saxophone

What is the differences between a Harley fatboy and a Harley road king?

The similarities would be a shorter list. A Fatboy is a Softail and a Road King is a Touring bike. The frame is completely different. If you are talking about 99-newer then the motor is even different (the Softails have solid mount balanced 'B' motors and touring bikes and Dynas have rubber mount ( Full Answer )

Is a harley Davidson faster than a crotch rocket?

Yes and no it all depends on how the harley is built i have seenharleys beat crotch rockets but if you race a stock crotch rocketand a stock harley the crotch rocket will win

What is Harley -Davidson's value proposition?

"Harley-Davidson stands for independence, freedom, individuality, expressing one's self, adventure on the open road, and experiencing life to its fullest."-Joanne Bischmann, VP of Marketing for Harley-Davidson :

How do you start a Harley Davidson dyna?

Depends on the year. If the bike has the key switch under the seat (right hand side) install the key and turn the switch clock wise to the on position. Make sure the kill switch is set to run. Pull the enricher knob out (the round knob on the left side of the bike under the fuel tank.) Press the sta ( Full Answer )

How do you charge Harley battery?

If it's a factory-installed sealed battery, charge it at 10 amps for 1 hour or charge it at 2 amps for 5 to 10 hours. If in doubt, use an automatic charger. For even better results, keep the bike on a battery tender whenever it's parked, which cannot overcharge the battery. A fully charged sealed ( Full Answer )

Did Harley Davidson make bicycles?

Harley Davidson didn't make the bicycle frame, rather they started to modify existing bicycle frames to be outfitted with the motors they designed. Interesting enough car manufacturer Kia did start out by making bikes, so it isn't a very far stretch in production and mechanics.

How do you change the oil on a Harley fxdl?

Start the bike and let it warm to operating temperature. (I ride mine about a mile or so) Shut the bike off. Remove the dipstick. Place a shallow oil pan (must hold three quarts) underneath the skid plate and line it up with the oil drain plug. This is the plug on the shifter side of the bike dire ( Full Answer )

What is a Harley Softail?

The softail has a swing arm with a shock system. Other models have two shocks mounted outside on pins.

Is a Harley sportsters a girls bike?

Not at all, Hell's angels prefer that model so do you still think it's a girl's bike? A lot of women think that a sportster is the bike for them but they are a little high for most of them and lighter than the other models so that is why a lot of women go for those.

What are the lyrics for the Harley Davidson 'Live by it'?

1 We believe in going our own way no matter which way the rest of the world is going. 2 We believe in bucking the system that is built to smash individuals like bugs on a windshield. 3 Some of us believe in the man upstairs, all of us believe in sticking it to the man down here. 4 We believe i ( Full Answer )

Is your 1981 Harley a amf?

Could be. Harley was purchased from AMF in 1981. AMF started production in 1970 so all models between 1970 to 1981 are. No telling how many more were on the market after 1981.

What does compensator do on a Harley?

The compensating sprocket buffers torque from the engine Read more: How to Diagnose a Harley Compensator | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_8037208_diagnose-harley-compensator.html#ixzz1bxDx7T58 .

What is the tip-over sensor on a harley?

If a running Harley gets laid on a side, either while moving or stopped/idling, the tip sensor kills the engine. the ignition switch must be cycled off then back on to start.

Who is the supplier for paint to Harley Davidson?

If your Harley needs a new set of road star hard bags, or if yousimply want an aftermarket supplier that you can trust, thenBodyparts USA are the company for you as they offer some of thebest quality US-made products, for fantastic prices.

Why is Harley so hot?

Harley is an oil cooled engine, unless you are speaking of the V-Rod which does have a radiator.

What is the difference between a Harley flstn and a Harley flstni?

When Softails were made both carbureted and fuel injected, the "I" at the end designated EFI. When all Harleys became fuel injected the "I" was dropped, since there was no longer a need for differentiation. FLSTN is the letter designation for both the Heritage Nostalgia and the Softail Deluxe.

How do you drive a harley?

Technically you don't drive a motorcycle. You ride it. the best way to learn is to take a certified MSF course.

What side do you get on a harley?

Typicaly you would want to be on the top side. Get there from the left to avoid an exhaust burn. Generally whatever way is safest first then coolest second is the right way. Sometimes I jump on my sporty from the rear.

What is stroking on a harley?

Stroking a Harley is the way to modify your Harley to get more torque. It involves machining the crankcase and installing a "stroker" kit that increases the usable stroke of the piston and rod assembly.

How do you spell harley?

The proper noun is capitalized, a male given name or a surname, Harley . The most common use is to identify a motorcycle brand name, Harley-Davidson.

Is Harley a Bunny?

Harely P? The Fursona? Yes, indeed, Harely is a Bunny. He is in fact a Gangster Bunny. -Hope it helped, Jade.

Who are the Harley Police?

Harley police are actually not a group of people. They are a particular motorcycle that is made by Harley Davidson. They are also painted to look like police vehicles. Some of the bigger southern cities use these motorcycles.

Was Harley Street named for the Harley Davidson brand?

Harley Street was not named for the Harley Davidson brand. Harley Street is a street in London in the 1800s. It is a street dedicated to many doctors and surgeons and has, since the 19th century, grown in number.

Are Harley frames actually made by Harley?

"In a word, yes. Harley Davidson owns production facilities in several locations in the U.S. such as York, Pennsylvania and Kansas City where frames are made."

What is a Harley splicer?

Harley Splicer is a joint on a driver shaft vehicle similar to a CV joint only the grease is locked inside the unit whereas a CV joint the grease is around the unit but covered with a rubber boot

How do you get a Harley in GTAsa?

As the GTA series doesn't name their vehicles after real companies, and models, I supposed you would be looking for a freeway.

Where can one buy a Suzuki GSXR1000?

The Suzuki GSXR1000 is available for purchase from a number of retailers. Such retailers include eBay or any local used motorbike shop. They can also sometimes be found on Craigslist.

Why does your Harley wobble?

The Harley Davidson company has never admitted to the existence ofwhat has been called the "Harley Davidson wobble". But there aremany and different opinions about this as anyone can see by doing ashort internet search. According to what some people maintain, thewobble is an alleged construction fau ( Full Answer )