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There is no special word for a fear of tunnels. However, it is likely a form of claustrophobia, which is a fear of enclosed spaces.

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What are the tunnels under Disney World called?

They're called tunnels... tunnels under Disney

Is there a word to describe a chronic fear of tunnels?

It generally falls under Claustrophobia. It can also be classified as Agoraphobia, which is not the fear of open spaces (as is the common misconception). Agoraphobia is defined as the fear of being in a place that is hard to get help in and escape from. Fears of lifts, tunnels and small rooms come under this. This I know because I have a fear of tunnels.

What is a network of rabbit tunnels called?

The network of rabbit tunnels is called a Warren

What is the phobia name for fear of tunnels?

Hi, as a tunnel is a closed in space, and is dark and confined, you could say that Claustrophobia covers this fear. I hope this helped :)

What were the routes called in the underground railroad?


What is a Connection of rabbit tunnels called?

A warren

How do you use the word tunnels in a sentence?

Many of New York City's homeless live in the abandoned subway tunnels, especially during the winter months.

What is the fear of teachers?

The fear of teachers is called pedagophobia. Also, the fear of learning is called sophophobia, and the fear of school is called didaskaleinophobia.

The connecting tunnels of a rabbit colony are called a?


Will there be a fourth tunnels book?

Yes, it is called Closer

What is the fear of boogers called?

There is no word for the fear of boogers

What is the fear of bins called?

what is the fear of dusbins called ?

What is the fear of fears called?

The fear of fears is called phobophobia. It is the fear of getting a phobia.

What is it called then you have a fear of rain?

The fear of rain is called ombrophobia.

What is the fear of nuns called?

the fear of nuns is called "monachousaphobia"

What is the fear of stickers?

The fear of stickers is called panniophobia. The fear of stickers is fairly common and is often related to the fear of uncleanliness. The fear of stickers is called panniophobia.

What is the phobia related to the fear of the number 3 called?

The fear is called Triskaphobia. Similarly, the fear of the number 13 is called Triskadekaphobia.

Which river has seven tunnels underneath it that link New Jersey to New York?

The Hudson River has tunnels that run underneath it to link New York and New Jersey. One of these tunnels is called the Holland Tunnel.

What fear is the fear of spectacles?

Fear of eyeglasses is called Matogyaliaphobia.

Different kinds of fear and their study called?

A fear is called a phobia.

What is a fear of syringes and needless called?

The fear of syringes is called Trypanophobia.

What is it called when you're greatest fear is fear?

It's called Phobophobia.

What is the fear of Japanese people called?

Fear of Asians is called sinophobia.

What is the fear of eels called?

The fear of eels is called yirrkalaphobia. -RJ

What is the fear of being scared called?

The fear of being scared is phobophobia. The fear of fear.