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A female blue jay is called a hen

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What is a young blue jay called?

A young blue jay is called a chick.

Is a female blue jay blue?

Both sexes of Blue Jays are not identical in coloration. The males are also larger than the females. Females are purple. I have a male and female blue jay the female is a little bit purple.

What is a baby blue jay called?

A baby Blue jay is called a hatchling or scrub. They baby Blue jay is taken care of by its mother for 8 to 12 days after birth.A baby blue jay is called a hatchling.

What color is a Blue Jay?

they are BLUE that's why there called Blue Jay

What does a female blue jay look like?

A female blue jay looks like a male blue jay, although she is slightly smaller in size with a white belly and black wing markings. Both sexes have tall head crests that are raised when they are excited.

What is a blue jay invertebrate or a vertebrate?

Birds like the Blue Jay have a backbone and are called vertebrates.

What is a male blue jay called?

Male blue jays are called cocks

A blue jay lays how many eggs?

The female blue jay lays and incubates 4-5 eggs over 16-18 days.

What is a bird with a blue head called?

a blue jay very sophisticated birds

What are blue jay migration groups called?

Blue jays migrate in flocks.

How can you tell if a blue jay is a boy or a girl?

It's really difficult to. They actually look exactly alike. One thing to help is by looking at the size. A female blue jay is sometimes actually smaller. Other than that, sometimes, the marking pattern of black on a blue jay might differ out its gender. Such as a small, curlier black lining can refer to a female blue jay. A male has a darker, deeper, and thicker type of lining.

What is the colour of a jay bird?

Both male and female jays are primarily blue on top, white on bottom, with a black bill, legs and eyes. The species is also known as the Blue Jay.

What is the name for a female Blue whale and her baby?

The female is called a cow, and the baby is called a calf.

What are the marking differences between a male and female blue jay?

There is not different's but the boy bule jay is just only have more grayer the girl one

Is blue jay a herbivore?

A blue jay is a herbivore

Is a blue jay a herbivore?

a blue jay is a herbivore but one blue jay ate a bird

Why is a blue jay blue?

no one really knows :)a blue jay is blue because it wants to be!

What does a blue jay drink?

A blue jay drinks water.

Is a blue jay a bird?

yes a blue jay is a bird

Are there any other colors of jay bird?

The Canada jay is gray and white, the blue jay is blue and gray and white, the Stellar's jay is similar to the blue jay but has a blackish head, scrub jays are blue and gray.

Is the blue jay a state bird?

The blue jay is not a state bird.

Is a blue Jay bird an omnivore?

Yes, a blue jay is an omnivore.

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