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Female panthers have their name changed just like lions or tigers, they add an -ess on the end, thus the name of a female panther is a Pantheress.
Female Panthers have their name changed just like lions or tigers, they add and -ess on the end, thus the name of a female panther is a Pantheress.

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What do you call a female panther?

A female panther is called a she-panther. Males are just referred to as panthers. A baby panther is called a cub-panther.

What is a male panther called?

A male panther is simply called a panther. A female panther is called a she-panther and a baby panther is called a cub.

Who is stronger a male or female panther?

Panther is a generic term that applies to lions, tigers, leopards, snow leopards and jaguars, all of which belong to the Panthera genus. To which panther were you referring?

What do you call a male panther?

I think the male panther is called the panther or sometimes the black panther.

Why is Black Panther called Black Panther?

becease it is black

What are the difference between A male Black Panther and a female Panther?

One has external reproductive organs and the other doesn't.

Why is the title pink panther appropriate?

Was the diamond called the Pink Panther?

Is a panther on french male or female?

'une panthère' is a feminine noun in French - even when it's a male panther.

What are good names for a female black cat?

How about shadow or panther?

What is Grimmjow's ressurection form called?

Grimmjow's released form is called "Pantera", which is Japanese for Panther King and Spanish for Panther.

What is a panther and a tigers offspring called?

They are called cubs.

How much does a female Florida panther weigh?

Adult female Florida panthers weigh about 65-100 lb.

If a leopard or a jaguar is black what is it often called?

A black leopard or jaguar is often called a panther.

Is a panther a female cheetah?

No, a panther is a different type of wild cat, not a cheetah.

why is a panther called a panther?

The word comes from the German and means "action". They are cats and can respond quickly.

What is a male black panther called?

they are called black panthers

How is a male panther different from a female panther?

Male cats of all species are usually larger and heavier than females. "Panther" is a generic term for several big cats, including leopards, jaguars, and pumas.

What is the difference between a puma and a Florida panther?

The Florida panther is a subspecies of the puma, also called a cougar or mountain lion.

What is panther called in Hindi?

बब्बर शेर

What are the offspring of the black panther called?


Why is the black panther called the black panther?

Some leopards, and jaguars, just happen to be born with black fur. They all get called black panthers.

Is a black panther just a black vertion of a jagour?

There is no species known as a Panther. What is called a panther, is in fact a leopard, a jaguar, or a cougar. A black panther is just a skin colour variation (melanism) of either of these cats.

Does the male black panther or the female black panther hunt?

There is no species called a black panther. The term is used to describe either a melanistic (black) leopard or a melanistic jaguar. They are two distinct species from different areas of the world. Both males and females hunt as they do not live in groups as do African lions.

How many species of panthers are in Florida?

There are no species of panther in Florida. There is, however, one subspecies of the cougar that is sometimes called the Florida panther. However, it is a puma and not a true panther.

What are the Carolina Panther cheerleaders called?

The Carolina TopCats