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What is a fiord?

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A fjord (or fiord) is a long, narrow estuary with steep sides, made when a glacial valley is flooded by the sea.

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What is the largest fiord in nz?

the Dusky Sound fiord

Can you drive a fiord?

No. a Fiord is a place between mountines.

What is a sentence for the word fiord?

A long, narrow, deep inlet of the sea between steep slopes is a fiord.Sentence = "I saw a Fiord when I went to the sea side"....

What is the airport code for Grise Fiord Airport?

The airport code for Grise Fiord Airport is YGZ.

How do you spell fiord?

you just spelled it

What is the longest fiord in New Zealand?

Doubtful Sound is the longest fjord (or fiord) in New Zealand. It is 40km in length and has an area of 86km2.

Is a fiord a period of the Ice age?

A fiord is a drowned, steep-sided valley previously cut by a glacier when sea level was lower.

What word does these letters spell rodif?


A town set at the head Lake fiord?

Seydisfjordur is a town set at the head of Lake Fiord. This eastern fishing town is popular with young artists.

Which German battleship was sunk in Norway?

Tirpitz was sunk in a fiord Scharnhorst was sunk off the Norwegian coast and the Cruiser Blucher was destroyed in another fiord

How do you unscramble fidor?

Fiord, an alternate spelling of fjord.

Largest Fiord in New Zealand?

Dusky Sound.

The largest fiord in New Zealand is?

Dusky Sound.

What is Canada's most northern community?

Grise Fiord

What is a glacial inlet?

Glacial inlet is called a fiord.

What is a steep-cliff inlet?

Fiord...thanks Mom!

The largest fiord found in new zealand is?

Dusky Sound

What is a long narrow bay surrounded by steep cliffs?


A Town set at the head of a lake fiord and surrounded in mountains?


What is a sea filled valley cut by a glacier in a coastal region?

I think it is a fiord

Can you use the word fiord in a sentence?

Yes. A fjord is usually quite deep.

What term denotes a glacial valley that was partly flooded as sea level rose?

A Fiord

What is the difference between a Peninsula and a Fiord?

At the most basic level one is land and the other water

What is the name of a bowl-like features cut into mountains or hills where glaciers form?


What has the author Louise A Boyd written?

Louise A. Boyd has written: 'The fiord region of East Greenland'