What is a firefighters favorite number?

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What is Chris Brown's favorite number?

Chris Brown has a favorite number and that is the number 0 because it is a number without any value lmao I'm kidding his real favorite number is infinite!

What does a firefighter do?

A firefighter's job is to fight fires. But the average firefighter doesn't spend all or even most of his time putting out fires. They also go on medical runs, gas leaks, MVA's, HAZMAT situations, confined space rescue, heavy rescue, rescues of children and pets, building collapse, fire alarm aler ( Full Answer )

What do firefighters do?

Firefighter, also known as "First Responders" in most areas, respond to emergency calls. Most of the calls don't even pertain to fires, but they are still needed to respond. For example Medical calls, they go and assist the Paramedics with the patient. Most the time they are able to beat the Ambulan ( Full Answer )

What is a firefighter?

A fire fighter is a person whose job it is to put out fires. That is not all we do. Did you know we go to more medical calls, then fire calls? or that we go to Motor vehicel Accidents (MVA)? Did you also know we go for building collapses? We happen to go to many different things. Including: ( Full Answer )

What is Nick Jonas's favorite number?

Nobody really knows Nick Jonas favorite number. Send him a fan letter and ask, I highly doubt it if he would reply though. But it is said that Nick Jonas favorite number is 7. 16 no its 12. who knows in less you ask him

What is God's favorite number?

42: It's not God's favorite number . (Although it is The Answer to The Ultimate Question Of Life, the Universe and Everything.) . One of my favorite Bible stories for children is the Story of Elisha and the bears.. He [Elisha] went up from there to Bethel; and while he was going up on the way ( Full Answer )

What is benji Madden's favorite number?

I don't know about his favourite number, but I read somewhere his lucky number is 9.. It might be different now, though, of course.

Nick Jonas' favorite number?

\n. \nHis favorite number is 12 in a interview he said 12 was his favorite number and that 7 was also a good number

What is the Jonas brother's favorite number?

They answered that question in a live chat. I think it was in 2009 before the Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album release. I'm pretty sure Nick said his was 7

What is snoop dogs favorite number?

snopp dogs favorite number is 16 he loves his necie's loretta casto casey casto and his nefews bryce lesher, and sheldon ashby and Andrew bush all members of snoop dogs family!

What does the firefighter do?

They do not just fight fire but protectpeople, environment and property from all types of accident andemergencies.

What is rob dyrdeks favorite number?

Rob Dyrdek is from Kettering, Ohio and is famous for the televisionshow Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory. Unfortunately, he has not sharedhis favorite number with the public.

What was Adolf Hitler's favorite number?

NEIN! . his favorite number was 2 don't why but it is i think it was 2 because he sent 2 men always were he wanted men to go so he said 2 here 2 there and 2 over here He also liked the panzerspahwagen numbered the 222. Also the V2 rocket and the tank the Tiger 2. . 3 for the 3rd reich.

What is Tiger Woods favorite number?

It is probably number 1, it is what he always wanted to be, and what he is. He only uses Nike One #1 golf balls.

What is the human calculator's favorite number?

The Human calculators favourite number is, 9. All numbers above 9 will always equal 9. . Examples: . 11 . 1+1=2 . 11-2=9 . 36 . 3+6=9 . 36-9=27 . 2+7=9 . and one more, . 427 . 4+2+7=13 . 427-13=414 . 4+1+4=9 . By following the above examples, ALL numbers above 9 will always equal 9.

What is Christian beadles favorite number?

As christian and caitlins cousion i am very close to them , my friend asked what was his fav number ,but it is not 7 . His FAV NUMBER IS 15 yes, his fav number is 15 because that is his football number like if you watch football, like toress is number 9 , and that well,christian is 15 and so its hi ( Full Answer )

What do firefights do?

The following is written by and according to the U.S. Department of Labor and particular to the nature of work for firefighters. Every year, fires and other emergencies take thousands of lives and destroy property worth billions of dollars. Fire fighters help protect the public against these dange ( Full Answer )

What do you have to do to be an firefighter?

It varies state to state. But in most cases, you have to take various classes that leads to individual certifications. In NC for instance you have 18 or so classes for a total of 220 some hours to get a Firefighter 1 certification. Then you have 13 more classes for 150 some hours to get a Firefighte ( Full Answer )

What is Satan's favorite number?

I will tell you the meaning of 6, hich is indeed Satan's favorite number. Meaning of 6- The number which is a factor of 3 times 2 is 6. This is Satan's favorite number. Why? Here is from a Wikipedia article about the number- In the Bible , the Book of Revelation ( 13:17-18 ) cryptically assert ( Full Answer )

What is Logan lerman's favorite number?

Scientically, the answer is simple. First you take your third favourite number, then your dads least favourite number. Add those two, then subtract it by the amount of groceries you spend each month. Then, take that new number mulitply it by 11. Added to the weight of your lower body. My answer adde ( Full Answer )

What is tiger wood's favorite number?

Number 1, he only uses Nike #1 golf balls, and the golf balls themselves are called Nike One, inspired by Tiger Woods.

What is Doctor Who's favorite number?

His favourite number is directly stated as 74,384,338. The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) says it in the last part of "the creature from the pit".

What is the favorite number of Tiffany in snsd?

In the music video 'OH!' the members all chose their favourite number to be on their jumbers and shirts. Tiffany's was 0 because she is believed to be the 'hole' of SNSD (the mother)

What is George Harrison's favorite number?

George Harrison's favorite number was 7.Thats why on all of The Beatles albums what ever songs he sung were track number 7. IMPROVED: His songs were not always on number 7 of each album. In fact, the only albums that they were number 7 were Abbey Road and The Beatles (White Album).

What is the favorite number of tsylor swift and why?

Taylor Swift's lucky number is 13. It has been for awhile she has it on her bus door, even her drummer put the number 13 on his drum head. Also she was born on December 13th. She says its always a sign for good things to come to her. She also says when she sits in a sit at the awards she sits in luc ( Full Answer )

What is Persephone's favorite number?

We don't know because it was never mentioned in any of the stories since having a favorite number isn't all that important.

Is gods favorite number seven?

God doesnt have a favorite number. If a He did, the time, month, and year periods would be the same. if it were seven, then there would be seven months, there would be seven hours in a day, there would be seven weeks in a month. Tia Maria is wrong.

Is seven gods favorite number?

Seven is not His favorite number, if it were then there would be seven months in a year, seven hours in a day. there would be seven of anything. He will punish those who believe seven is His favorite number. p.s. hey Tia....

What was your favorite part of Number the Stars?

personaly,my favorite part in Number the Stars was when Ellen amd Annemarie were racing from the bus stop because it reminds me of when i was little when me and my friends always used to and from the bus stop!