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The fish that can blink with both eyes?

Yes, there is. A shark can blink with both eyes.

Which fish can blink with both eyes?


What is the only fish that can blink with both eyes?


Which fish can blink both eyes?

Some sharks can. Yes sharks are fish.

What fish can blink both eyes?

It's a mAko shark not moko

Do fish blink their eyes?

Yes. All animals blink their eyes.

What fish can blink its eyes?

Some fish do blink and some don't some fishes like sharks do blink.

How do fish blink their eyes?

They don't blink the reason is They don't have eyelids

Why do fish didn't blink their eyes?

No eyelids

Is the shark the only fish that can blink with both eyes?

Even though sharks are among very few fish which have eyelids, they do not blink. Most species of sharks have special nictitating membranes which go over their eyes to protect them when they are hunting or under attack.

Does fish blink their eyes?

No. Generally, fishes do not have eyelids. Some shark species do but they do not blink.

What is the only fish that can blink both eyes?

Are you in mr. fannings clas at p-ton. it is a shark. Im in it too.

What is the only fish that can blink with two eyes?


Can fish blink?

No, not really. Few breeds can with one eye. Only one breed can with both eyes. Most fish i dont think even have eyelids!

Do betta fish blink?

No, no fish can blink because they have no eyelids. We blink to regain moisture in our eyes and wash away dirt, but they are surrounded by moisture and water, so there is no need to blink. However, the are a few that have a nictitating membrane (also called the third eyelid) that they "blink". This "third eyelid" is used to protect the eyes.

What fish can blink both eyelids?


Do sharks blink with both eyes?

No i don't think so Most sharks do blink.

Is it possible to blink with both eyes open?

No, because blinking means closing your eyes.So if you blink with your eyes open, than that technically is not blinking.

When do fish blink?

Fish do not blink.

Do arthropods blink their eyes?

they have eyes.........they blink

Why dont fish blink?

They don't have eyelids and the reason why people blink is because we have to wet our eyes,but, they live under water so they're eyes are always wet.

Can a shark blink with both eyes?

Sharks lack eyelids, and so they cannot blink using either eye.Some sharks can blink.yes

Why don't fish blink?

Why do fish blink

Do hamsters blink?

yes of course, all animals blink, including fish. Fish don't blink. i mean i dont think so, they live in water so i would imagine their eyes would always be moist.

What fish can blinks both eyelids?

fish cant blink at all. They dont have eyelids.