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What is a food chain of a puma?


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Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - Puma
The puma, or mountain lion, is a top predator.


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In the food chain of the puma it is the top of that chain, so no other animal hunts the puma.

The puma has no predators, because it is the quatemary consumer, or in other words, on the top of the food chain

The puma is a predator and the apex predator of the food chain so is a prey to nothing.

puma's are at the top of the food chain so they don't normally get eaten by other animals unless it's their dead body. other animals will eat a dead puma

Fruit plants - Racoon - Puma OR Grass - Deer - Puma

Throughout much of its range it would be considered the apex predator - at the top.

In most areas the puma would be a level 3 - a secondary consumer that eats herbivores. In other areas they are level 5 - apex predators. Bears, grizzly bears, wolf packs and jaguars are sometimes competitors that out-rank the puma.

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