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What is a fouled spark plug?

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Fouling spark plugs can happen when the tip temperature is insufficient to burn off carbon, fuel, oil or other deposits and causes spark to leach to metal spark across plug gap will cause a misfire. Wet-fouled spark plugs must be changed as they won't fire. Dry-fouled spark plugs can sometimes be successfully cleaned by bringing the engine up to the operating temp.

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A spark plug incapable of producing sufficient spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture.

Can a fouled spark plug cause a vibration?


Does a fouled spark plug create a knocking sound?


Can a fouled spark plug cause the check engine light to come on?


Why Motorcycle wont start backfires?

its half a turn out of time. plug fouled install a new spark plug

Why does your 1999 banshee cut out and backfire on the low end?

Fouled spark plug(s).

Engine car startup vibration?

Probably a spark plug is fouled up.Also check plug wires if you have an older model.

Why is your 1996 formula stx 583 backfiring?

It is either a fouled spark plug or a timing issue.

Why isn't my Toro S200 starting when it has gas in it?

The spark plug may be fouled. Remove the plug and check to see if it needs to be replaced.

What are the symptoms of a fouled spark plug?

The symptoms of a fouled spark plug are normally self evident in that the engine will loose power, run rough and use more fuel. Prolonged use of an engine with a spark plug in that condition will most certainly damage the catalyst convertor. Should renew the plugs and have an emissions test done to enure you are still complying with current regulations.

What will a fouled spark plug do to your engine?

A fouled spark plug will make you lose horsepower if the plug is not producing a good spark. The other thing a fouled plug can do is if it is not firing right the fuel that gets into the cylinder dosent get burned all the way and it is then pushed out the exhaust valve and goes into the exhaust system. from there the fuel can get hung up in the catalic convertor and then burn in the convertor and then you will nedd to replace the convertor it also causes the unburnt gasoline to wash the oil off the cylinder wall and cause undue wear

Will spark plug cause gone bad cause car not to start?

If the spark plug or plugs are bad the car will not start If the car does not start, (for various reasons) the spark plugs may be fouled or damaged by this and require replacement.

Why does a scooter lose power and cut out?

Check to make sure you dot have any kinks in you fuel line or your vacum line. If not check your fuel filter to make sure it is completely clean and if not replace it. finally check your spark plug to see if fouled or wet. Do this by unscrewing the spark plug and plug the spark plug back into the spark plug wire. Place it about 1/4" from anything close that is metal and try to start the motor to see if it sparks. If the spark is good your plug is not fouled. It is most likely not enough fuel or spark getting to the motor especially if there is no white smoke or colored smoke (burning oil) coming out the exaust.

Is check engine a result of fouled spark plug?

That is on of many possibilities. See related questions for more info.

What would cause Rough idle and loss of horsepower?

A fouled spark plug or a loose spark plug wire can cause a rough idle and a loss of horsepower. It can also be caused by a dirty air filter.

What causes a 2001 Neon to jerk when you speed up?

Faulty/fouled spark plugs or spark plug wires. I had this problem and a set of new wires fix it.

Why does an engine run roughly?

if it's runninng rough my guess could be spark plugs are fouled up. if not then next check the spark plug wires then the distributor.

What is the spark plug gap for a Kawasaki KX 85?

I don't think that you need to gap the plug if you get a plug that is specific to your bike. Mine has a NGK R6252K-105 in it. I think that is the same type of plug that they come from the factory with. If you're not getting spark then you probably have a fouled plug or something else wrong.

Would a tune up take care of a fouled spark plug issue?

only if the plugs and wires that replaced them where not fouled most time yes is the answer. after changed start the vehicle and it should be aparent.

Why won't your 1991 Suzuki Quadracer kick start?

does it have spark fuel and copression, is the carb clogger, piston worn, or plug fouled?

How do you clean a fouled two stroke dirt bike spark plug?

A wire brush, emery cloth and solvent. Then check the gap.

Why does my 1987 Toyota Supra mis-fire?

Could b many things, bad spark plug wire, fouled spark plug, coil, timing prob, hard to say without looking at it first hand.

What if the spark plug on a lawn mower is wet with gas?

The mixture is too rich. The plug may be fouled or the carburetor needs adjustment, or possibly the air filter is clogged up. Check the spark plug and the filter first before you make any carburetot adjustments.

What causes Engine missing on number one cylinder?

Could be, Fouled spark plug, Bad spark plug wire, Bad fuel injector (if applicable), Bad coil on plug (if applicable), Burned valve, No or low compression, Bad distributor cap & rotor,

When should you change the spark plugs on your motorcycle?

You should check your spark plugs periodically as they can give an indication as to how your engine is running. If the spark plug is fouled the engine wont work as efficiently as it's supposed to. A normally operating engine should result in a light brown discoloration, check your spark plugs against a reading chart like If the spark plug is fouled or eroded, replace it. It's a simple job and spark plugs aren't too expensive.

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