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Stardoll is a great website isn't it however there is a website that is just as good as Stardoll called Club Penguin!

Try it out it is amazing!

Try Girlsense. It's really cool! There is no membership or payment, it's ALL FREE! you create clothes, apply makeup and more. the best thing is, you get to price the clothes you make! it is much better than stardoll!

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no because all of them you need memberships unless you play the same game on facebook

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Q: What is a free game like stardoll?
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Is there any games exactly like stardoll but way cooler?

Stardoll is a very virtual and fun game which can not be defeated with any stardoll-like game.Well as far as I know there is a game just like stardoll and has everything like stardoll,but its not that virtual or doesn't have the graphics like stardoll has.

Are there a way i can find a fashion designer game just like stardoll but free?

i-dressup is brilliant fun!

How can you get free stardoll clothes?

you can get free stardoll clothes when there are special offers in the starplaza, and if you watch certain videos in the stardoll cinema or are from a certain country.

How do you get free hairstyles on Stardoll?

you cannot get free hairstyles on stardoll.

Where do you get free nail polish on stardoll?

Very rarely can you get free makeup on stardoll. Sometimes they will give it away in promotions. Also, when you first join, some medolls already have makeup on.

What are other games like stardoll?

Fashion fantasy game

How do you free stuff on stardoll?

You can get free gifts by joining clubs that are not made by people in stardoll.

Are there other game like superscret?

stardoll,zwinky????? love,savannah

Is there a game like ourworld?

Yes,There is woozeworld,smallworlds,migolnad,and stardoll

How do you get free clothes for stardoll?

There are lots of blogs and club on stardoll that give you free stuff ! Ask your friend that are on stardoll if they know any !

Are there any other codes for free stuff on stardoll besides Nim's Island?

Yes. If you go to clubs with the word free in them like free_free_free or something like that they with have topics giving you links for stardoll to get free things. Also my username is 0bella623 please join my club called 0girltalk101 Thnx You can visit Stardoll blogs that give you free codes like:

How do you be free royalty on stardoll?

There is no way to become Stardoll Royalty for free. It is 75$ There are a few cheats in getting it for free though.