What is a free kick called in ice hockey?


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It is called a penalty shot.


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Hockey Just hockey Hockey on ice is called ice hockey

Ice Hockey is Hockey played on ice; as compared to Field Hockey which is played on grass.

Well, by field hockey I think you mean hockey games that are done on the ground like field hockey, street hockey,ect. It is called ice hockey. *Field hockey and ice hockey are completely different rulebases. As the first answer pretty much describes, it is simply called "field hockey on ice", like it is called "field hockey on grass", "on turf", "on concrete", etc.

Because,What would you do ? Kick the blooming puck around? XD lol

Las Vegas does not have an ice hockey team.

You can call it land hockey or just hockey

roller incline hockey is called street hockey.stake hockey is called ice hockey

Ice hockey is played using a puck not a ball.

The Finnish Ice Hockey League is called SM-liiga.

Prior to World War I, an ice hockey teams had seven players on the ice at one time when it was penalty free. One goaltender, two defencemen, three forwards and a player called the rover.

ice hockey is a rink and field hockey is just a field

Ice Hockey is played with a vulcanized rubber disc called a PUCK that is 1" thick x 3" in diameter.

It was originally called "shinny on ice," because it was similar to a British game that was a cross between lacrosse and rugby. The original name for hockey was "ice hurley". Then gradually turned into ice hockey.

ice hockey is on ice floor hockey is on floor

In field hockey, the game begins with a centrepass. In ice hockey, it begins with a faceoff.

Germany did not invent ice hockey... It was invented by the native Americans of Canada, who played a game called shinny that later developed into ice hockey.

Floor Hockey you play on grass,ice hockey you play on ice

In hockey the playing area in often referred to as the ice surface

It's called a puck..โ™ฅ

Ice hockey is more watched do I think ice hockey :)

No, in ice hockey the object is a flat, hard rubber disk called a puck that skims along the ice or can become airborne, depending on how it is hit.

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