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Calorie count and exercise daily. Try to keep calories at or below 1500 a day, drink water (but not too much), and exercise everyday for at least a half hour and you're set. Most people think that not exercising and only eating one meal a day will work. Though it may be true that weight loss could result, this will also contribute to the development of a slower metabolism which will hurt you in the long run. If you want to eat what you want, just eat everything in moderation, keeping your calorie total for the day at or below 1500. And the most important thing for weight maintenance is a workout plan. It does not have to be excessive, even walking for 45 minutes would do. This will also allow you to enjoy your favorite drink or desert over the weekend. This is not a fad, it is a lifestyle. If you stick to it, it becomes like habit, and it does not require huge sacrifices. You'll be healthy inside and out.

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Q: What is a free workout program that will help get a perfect summer body without diet pills or hurting the body?
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How do I lose weight without hurting myself?

You can go out for a jog, workout, eat healthy, etc.

What kind of a workout is the Insanity Workout?

The Insanity Workout is an intense workout program that combines plyometric drills with non-stop particular training moves. There are no workout machines or weights with this program.

Who is the creator of the Focus T25 workout program?

The Focus T25 workout program is a workout program that was designed by the Beachbody company. The creators of the workout programs are Carl Daikeler and Jonathan Congdon. There are a wide range of workout programs offered through the Beachbody company.

Does anyone know if the insanity workout program is any good?

Ask a personal trainer about the effectiveness of the Insanity Workout program. The local gym may also be able to tell you about the effectiveness of the Insanity Workout Program.

Can I get bulk muscles with the ghetto workout?

The ghetto workout will not guarantee that you build those muscles. As with any workout program different people have different results on each program.

What kind of workout program is Core Secrets?

Join the Secrets of the Skinny Affiliate Program!

Consentric action of a bicep curl?

The Circuit Program: 5 Minutes Biceps Workout For Perfect Body

Where can I find an effective and short fitness and exercise program?

A trainer may be the best person to ask for a specialized workout. Everyone is different so it is best to find the workout that is best for you. A trainer could help you find the perfect exercises for your age and weight.

What kind of workout will give the perfect abs?

Killer Abs and 6 Pack Abs are 2 programs aimed at giving you perfect abs. Their program consists of diet management and exercise. You can read more at

how does one begin a home workout program?

The best place to find more information about a home workout program is to go to your local library and ask for self help books on home gyms or home workout equipment.

How effective is Pace workout program compared to others?

The Pace workout operates on the principle of doing simple movements and slowly building up the number of repititions to build lean muscle. This is a highly effective workout program.

Why might you gain weight after starting a workout program?

You may gain weight after starting a workout program because your body needs to adjust to the new habits of your daily activities

What is a good workout program that focuses on abs?

A good workout program that focuses on the abs will significantly strengthen your core. The best programs put emphasis on crunches and sit-ups.

Can I run while pregnant without hurting my baby?

You may run while pregnant; staying active is beneficial during pregnancies. But, you may need to run at a slower pace if you can't handle the usual workout.

Ladies who have completed the insanity workout did you bulk up by the end of it or were you lean?

Ladies who have completed the insanity workout program began to see positive results just after 2 weeks into the program.

What are the release dates for Fit to Hit - 2009 Design a Workout Program?

Fit to Hit - 2009 Design a Workout Program was released on: USA: 12 July 2010

Where could a person find a free workout program?

The Biggest Loser website offers many free exercise tips and techniques one could use to build a free workout program. Fitness Magazine offers free workout programs as well.

What is the perfect time for workout?

There is no specific perfect time for a workout. Any time of the day when you feel your best of health and energy might be the best time for your workout. Some people feel fresh and full of energy early in the morning while some feel the same at around 6 PM.

Why is it important to include recovery time in a workout program?

it isnt

What is a good example of a workout program that would prepare me in becoming a Marine Officer?

You should attend some cardio based workout.

Why is it necessary to frequently update a workout program?

If you continually repeat the same workout, you muscles will build a muscle memory. Meaning they will become so adapted to the workout that it would be almost useless to continue. By switching up and updating you workout you challenge your muscles more thus creating a more efficient, muscle building and calorie burning workout.

Is P90X a good workout program, and where can I buy the DVD?

Yes, this workout program is very good and does show results in short time period. I personally have a friend who used to be over weight and now is in the best shape of his life thanks to the p90x workout. You can purchase the DVD's at the p90x website.

In The Workout section of their page the Curves fitness program allows you to get a complete aerobic and strength training workout in how many minutes?

30 minutes

Are elliptical workout machines effective?

Elliptical workout machines can be very effective. An elliptical workout is really a low-impact workout, and you can burn as many calories as by jogging without the strain of actually jogging.

Are there xp90 Fitness videos?

Yes there is also a workout program called xp90 Fitness. There are instructional videos and the program was created by the same makers as the p90x program.