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What is a front lift link and where is it located on a 1989 Buick LeSabre?


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2006-07-12 10:57:04
2006-07-12 10:57:04

A "lift" link I've never heard of. But a stabilizer link is located at each end of the sway bar that runs roughly beteween the front wheels. The link connects the swaybar to the lower control arm.


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The starter on a 1989 Buick LeSabre can be found on the driver's side of the engine. It is down low, back by the bell housing for the transmission.

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How do you install a heater core on a 1998 buick lesabre

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You can find the heater wiring diagram for a 1989 Buick LeSabre in the vehicle's owner's manual. You can also obtain it from various auto part stores.

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i have a 1989 pontica Bonneville and i bauht a 1990 Buick lesabre motor look the same but will it interchange with no problems

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