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What is a full coverage auto insurance?

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2010-04-24 20:56:22

Their is no such thing as full coverage in legal terms. What

people refer to when they say that is Physical Damage Coverage for

a vehicle. What physical damage coverage breaks down into 2


Collision Coverage: Does include a deductible, covers the

vehicle from damage resulting in a person being at-fault in an

accident, and damage has occurred to the vehicle in which it has to

be repaired or replaced. This does also protect the vehicle if an

accident or damage results from a uninsured motorists or under

insured motorists

Comprehensive Coverage:(also known as other then collision) Does

include a deductible, covers the vehicle from damages due to

vehicle that are out of control of the insured. This would be from

weather, vandalism, theft, hitting an animal, and etc.

Remember, insurance company's insure vehicles of the actual cash

amount at that time. If you have a collector car, you would to get

collector car insurance, in which their is a stated amount.

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