What is a funeral home and funeral directors?

There came a time when families no longer wanted to "Sit up" at the wake. This is a time when the family/friends would sit up all night long with the corpse before the funeral. A funeral home is a business that will remove the human remains from the place of death and prepare it as the family wishes, or as required by law. The funeral directors are the people that direct the family in the customs of funerals. A funeral director must be licensed by a state bar in most states, and must maintain education in order to renew their license each year in the United States. They must have a vast knowledge of all funeral customs, religious laws, and government laws concerning death. The director also assists the family with insurance paperwork, filing social security death notice, public announcements, and many more aspects of the death industry. A funeral director in many cases may also be an embalmer (a person who preserves, cleans, and prepares the body for burial), but does not have to be.