What is a gator mouth pitbull?

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Gator mouth is a line of pitbull. In the related links box below I posted a link of that bloodline.

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Q: What is a gator mouth pitbull?
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What does a gator mouth pitbull look like?

It is called the gator bloodline and looking at pictures in the internet, they are bullies. Don't confuse them with Gator the pitbull, which is a real pitbull white in color and a red nose.

What makes a pitbull a gator?

A pitbull that comes from the Gator Bloodline

What is a gator pitbull?

The term Gator Pitbull refers to a pitbull puppy that comes from the Gator bloodline. Gator was a Champion pitbull. Some say that this specific bloodline was bred in order to be excellent fighters. This may or may not be true, but at this point it doesn't really matter. However nowdays the Gator bloodline is so watered down that it is really difficult to know if a pitbull comes from this bloodline.

How much does a gator pitbull puppy?


What type of dog is croc?

I think you mean gator pitbull is a bloodline of pits that has a very stocky body, large head, and wide mouth

What is a gater pit bull dog?

gator is the bloodline of the pitbull but it's just a pit of a.d.b.a gator lines

Do gator pits have long ears?

Gator pitbulls have the average size for a pitbull dog but I say they tent to be in the small size.

Where does the gator pitbull come from?

Gator pitbull comes from the Gator Bloodline. Here are some links you might want to visit. CH Crenshaw's Gator ROM - CH Plumber's Alligator POR -

What is a bodro carver and gator pit bull and how can i make her get big?

Carver is a fine pitbull bloodline. The budro is short for Bouderaux. This another fine pitbull bloodline. Now, the gator blooline is a bullie line and not a pitbull line. Get yourself one of the fine bloodlines. You make it the biggest they could get by good food and plenty exercise.

Can a gator pit mix with American pit have long hair?

Terriers are short haired. A gator with pitbull means short hair. The offspring must be short haired.

What is a gator mouth pitbull blood line?

the is no such line i have researched for many years the lines of game dogs and have read every possible dogman interview and have never even seen such a bloodline anywhere although i have had interactions with people who claim to own dogs off this blood all without papers of coarse i feel that this is just another myth about pitbulls just like people that think all rednose dogs are old family reds as well as poeple breeding the so called blue nose pitbull or the so called bully if you do your research you will find that there are a lot of lies in the so called truth about about the pitbull terrier its the way the jaw line is it will be small in the front and widen in the back You can compare it too a actual gator mouth even the teeth dont line up straight in a gator mouth

What does a gator mouth pit iook like?

Wide mouth, split down the nose and mouth area, split at the upper nose area on both sides and they have double K9s THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GATOR MOUTH PIT! This term was made up by some ghetto thug trying to make a dollar. Actually there is such a thing as a Gator Mouth Pit! It comes from the mixing of a pit bull and a wild dog. The gator in the name comes from the fact that they were initially bred using the wild dogs of the bayous of new orleans.

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