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Q: What is a geisha and why is it so well-known?
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Is a geisha girl a angiosperms?

An angiosperm is a flowering plant. A Geisha is a highly skilled Japanese artist and entertainer. So, no. A Geisha is not an angiosperm.

What does a dead geisha symbolize?

The Geisha girl is a beautiful woman, so she's a symbol of beauty. A geisha girl with her head decapitated means the opposite of peace.

What literary work were geisha's apart of?

Geisha were main parts of 'Geisha, a life' and 'Memoirs of a Geisha'

What is the point of being a geisha?

Geisha are living, breathing works of art. They are walking perfection. They go through the proper training to become a Geisha so they can carry on hundreds of years of Japanese tradition.

What are geisha girls inspirations?

Geisha are probably inspired by the Geisha that have come before them. Geisha themselves are living works of art.

Why are geisha's called geisha's?

The 'gei' in Geisha means art, and 'sha' means person. So the literal translation is art person; ie Artists. Geisha are living artists, in the way they speak, dress, dance, sing, walk, and move. Everything about them is a work of art.

Where geisha are associted?

Geisha are associated with Japan.

When was The Geisha created?

The Geisha was created in 1896.

What happens if a geisha became pregnant?

If a geisha became pregnant, it would be because of her own personal relationship. Geisha are not courtesans.However, traditionally if a geisha discovered she was with child, she would usually retire so that she could raise her child. Being a geisha is a highly demanding and time consuming career, it would allow no time for child care.

What is the origin of the word geisha?

The origin of the word Geisha is Japanese. the Gei in Geisha means 'artist'. Geisha are moving, living works of art.

Why do geishas wear so much makeup?

It's part of the geisha uniform. The only geisha who wear the heavy "geisha" makeup on a regular basis are apprentices; trained geishas wear a much simpler style.

What is the name of the wellknown cape of Massachusetts?

Cape Cod.

What do geisha's wear?

Geisha always wear kimono.

What rhymes with geisha?

The singer Keisha, that is who or what rhymes with geisha.

Who is the main geisha in memoirs of a geisha?

Her name is Saiyuri.

What is better ninja or geisha?

If you are a girl you want to be a geisha

What is the duration of A Geisha?

The duration of A Geisha is 1.42 hours.

Why do geisha wear Zori?

Depending on the season, occasion, or rank Geisha will wear either geta, zori, or oboko. And they do so because it is traditionally customary.

How old is the youngest Geisha?

Geisha usually become 'full-fledged Geisha' around the ages of 20 to 22.

What if geisha retire?

Geisha retire often for many reasons. The reason can be personal, financial etc.. A Geisha must remain single through the entire span of her time as a Geisha, if she chooses to marry she must retire before doing so. Sometimes a Geisha will choose to retire when she feels she has repaid her dept to the Okiya for financing her training, or when she feels she has spent enough time in said profession and it is time to move on. Some women will also retire from being active Geisha to take over or run an Okiya (Geisha house) of their own.

What is a geisha sash called?

The Obi is what the geisha sash is called.

What are geisha's dresses called?

In short, Geisha wear Kimono.

When was Geisha - band - created?

Geisha - band - was created in 1983.

When was Geisha Handicap created?

Geisha Handicap was created in 1973.

When was Geisha in Rivalry created?

Geisha in Rivalry was created in 1918.