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A genome is all genetic data of a single cell. That includes the genes in the nucleus, but also that of mitochondrial DNA.

A gene is a section of the genome which codes for one protein. It consists of various codons.

Every single codon codes for one amino acid (Many amino-acids put together form a protein). Every codon consists of three adjacent nucleotides.

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Q: What is a gene and genome?
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What can replace a gene in an animal's genome?

Recombinant DNA can replace a gene in an animal's genome.

Put the following in order from simple to complex gene chromosome genome?

Gene, chromosome, genome

List by order size the following gene gene pool genome chromosome?

order from largest to smallest: gene, genome, chromosome, DNA, gene pool

How does a gene differ from genome?

genes make up a genome

How does a gene differ from a genome?

A gene is just the DNA that stores genetic information, a genome is all the genetic material in an organism.

What is theDifference between genome and gene pool?

gene is part of DNA while genome is all set of genes in individual

What is the order smallest to largest DNA gene genome chromosome nucleotide?

nucleotide, gene, dna, chromosome, genome

What was produced as a result of the Human Genome Project?

A gene map of the human genome

What correctly organizes genetic material from the broadest category?

genome chromosome DNA gene

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What is the relationship between gene and genome?

A gene is one sequence of DNA that codes for a hereditary trait. The genome is all of an organism's genetic or hereditary information.

What is the purpose of the Human Genome Project?

to identify the DNA sequence of every gene in the human genome.

What will a bacterium produce when a human gene is added to its genome?

the human protein coded for by the human gene

What is the main emphasis of the human genome project?

gene mapping

The relationship of the genome to an organism is the same as that of the to a population?

gene pool

What is the form of a gene that is hidden or masked when any other form of that same gene is present?

Rcessive genome.

What does the word gene mean?

A gene is a functional unit on DNA. A gene codes for a protein. Most of the DNA in a genome does not code for protein. These non-coding sequences are thought to provide a sense of stability and integrity to the genome. If a DNA sequence is capable of coding for a functional protein, then it is a gene

What is the entire gene sequence for all human chromosomes?

Human Genome.

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