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A general property is a property that is describe how all matter is the same

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Is density a general property of matter?

Yes, density is a general property of matter.

When do you have to have a certified general appraisal?

A Certified General Appraiser is required if the property is a non-residential property or a residential property that exceeds four units.

Is mass a general property of matter?

Yes! Mass is a property of matter!

What is general property in science?


What are the difference between general and special properties?

firstly, we'll have to know what is property?property is the right to possess, use, and enjoy a determinate thing (either a tract of land or a chattel).difference between general and special properties.according to section 2(11) of sales of goods act 1930"Property in this act means general property in goods as distinguished from special property."ExampleIf A owns goods pledges them to B, A has the general property in the goods, while B has a special property or interest in them.for more assistance email

What is the definition of general property?

if i knw it, i wouldnt search it!!

How were slaves regarded by their owners and in the south in general?

as their property

What is a general property of minerals?

A definite chemical composition

Can a state certified general appraiser appraise residential property?

A Certified General Appraiser may appraise any type of property, residential or commercial, in states where they are licensed, subject to their competence; both in the type of property and geography.

what is the best way to figure what general property taxes will be on a home? has a property tax calculator that you can use to figure out exactly what your property taxes will be.

A property tax is actually a specific assessment or a general assessment?

It is a general assessment for the purpose of taxation and has nothing to do with the epecific assessment. The assessor values a property every year on the taxable status date and attributes a value onto the property which is called the assessment. The general assessment is the assessments for the entire locality that you are in

Do renters insurance cover broken windows?

In general, no. Renter's insurance covers the property of the renter, not the property of the landlord.

What are limitations or requirements about the use of property in general called?


What is the difference between specific property general property?

Physical properties are things like the weight, mass, density, or volume. General properties are things that can change, like color or texture.

Which property is not a general property of metal ductile poor conductor of heat malleable high luster?

poor conductor of heat

What are the requirements for selling property in Australia?

Legal Property Documents and Property Valuation are general requirements for selling property in Australia. These two things are very important for the buyer who want to buy any house.

What is size?

A physical property that is a general measure of how large or small somthing is.

A physical property that is a general measure of how large or small something is?


Does real property put into a trust get a new basis?

No, as a general rule.

General Receipt?

Get StartedA receipt is a written acknowledgment that something of value (money or property) has been received by another individual. The General Receipt is not effective to transfer legal ownership of the money or property. It merely provides evidence that the recipient has obtained possession of the money or property.

Where can I take a property management class?

As part of a property management program, students take a financial management course, either specific to property management or as a general topics course.

What types of cases go to the general courts?

In general, the courts handles all types of cases related to person, and property.

What is the general property of rocks?

Composition and color are two general properties of rocks. Two others include texture and form.

Does all general liability insurance cover damage at depreciated value?

General liability insurance does not provide property coverage, except for 3rd party claims alleging property damage due to the insureds' negligence.

What is a physical property of wood?

When you cut a piece of wood the wood in general is still there.