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It has been my observation that the older a person is, the more isolated they become from society. Many times, longtime friends have passed away, children have moved away and had their own children, that take up most of their time and they no longer work, so no coworkers to socialize with. I have found that spending time, quality time, like listening actively to their stories and engaging them with questions about their childhood and what they have learned from, in this case, 86 yrs of life, is the best gift of all. They are usually honored that you chose to spend time with them and flattered that you care what they think and have observed; it's a form of validation, that their lives have meaning. If I were you, and the 86-yr-old was able to be taken outside, I would take him/her for a walk to a pleasant place, like seaside or through a park, and simply talk to him/her as though you were talking to a peer you appreciated....and if it's a woman, flowers are usually a nice touch to add to this experience. If the person is bedridden or for some reason, cannot leave the indoors, I would bring pictures of you and your childhood, family and personal friends, and tell him/her about them and the best experiences you have all had; this will help them feel involved in your life and also be a great conversation starter. Hope this helps. ;)

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Q: What is a gift idea for a 86 year old?
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