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What is a glitch in FireRed?

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fire red is not correct flames from a fire are orange. metal burned in a fire can be red ifthe temoerature is high enough.

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How do you glitch on FireRed?

watch youtube videos about firered glitches.

How do you get to glitch city in FireRed?

You don't get to glitch city. It's not real

How do you catch a shiny by glitch in Pokemon firered?

I do not think there is a glitch to that sorry...

How do you use game glitch in Pokemon FireRed?

by going to the pokemon center

Is there a glitch that lets you catch Deoxys in Pokemon FireRed?

From what I understand, Yes!! I think it's a glitch, but you CAN'T catch deoxys normally in Pokemon FireRed. and in Pokemon ranbow (only in japan,and internet. even on mars

Rare candy cheat in pokemon fire red?

The item duplication glitch (or Rare Candy glitch) can't be done in Pokemon FireRed version.

How do you catch Pokemon x on firered?

there is no Pokemon x... if there is its a glitch or an action replay code

How do you get to glitch city in Pokemon firered?

Check out just plain How to get to glitch city on this site. I've given a full detail description on how to do it, because you can, it is guaranteed to work.

How do you clone master balls on pokemon firered?

sorry u can't this glitch is only in emerald and gold silver and crystal.

How did players glitch mew in firered leafgreen before the release of emerald?

the gameshark code that alowes you to get mew from under the truck.

Why is there no map showing up in chaos black?

because chaos black is a glitch made out of firered and is missing several components

What glitches are on FireRed?

Pokemon FireRed is surprisingly glitch free however there is one glitch that can prevent you from completing the Pokedex. If a roaming Legendary Pokemon escapes battle using the move Roar instead of running away it will completely disappear from the game. This can be remedied by reloading a save before the Legendary has used the move Roar.

Does the Mew glitch work in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen?

Sadly, no it does not. It only works in original versions like red, yellow, etc.

How do you get 99 rare candies in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to get 1 and then give it to any Pokemon to hold. Then you can do the duplicating glitch to duplicate the Pokemon and the item.

How do copy Pokemon in FireRed?

Sorry you can't copy/clone Pokemon in fire red.. this is a glitch in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Does the mew glitch work in Pokemon FireRed or leaf green?

i dont know witch one are you talkin about if its the cerulean cave one then it does

Was Missingno made on purpose by Nintendo or someone else?

No, it was an accident. No one wants a glitch like that, and the fact that they fixed it in Firered and leafgreen proves it.

Mew glitch in Pokemon FireRed?

It does not work in fire red/leaf green only in the origonal game boy ones e.g blue.

Glitch Pokemon FireRed?

Cut a tree save the game while standing on the spot where the tree was turn off the game the tree will reappear and you will be on it!

How do you catch the rainbow pass from firered to diamond?

You can't because the Rainbow Pass is a Key Item which can't be traded without a hack or glitch.

How do you get missingno at in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The MissingNo. glitch has been fixed in FireRed and LeafGreen; you have to use a GameShark to encounter it. Sorry, I don't know the code.

How do you get glitches in Pokemon FireRed?

There are not many glitches in Pokemon FireRed. There is one rather nasty glitch though involving roaming Legendary Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed if a roaming Legendary Pokemon escapes battle with the move Roar it will disappear from the game rather than move to a new location.

Where to catch missingo in Pokemon FireRed?

U dont wanna catch missingo it has a virus that destroys ur game and im pretty sure its random or u have to cheat to get it but i think the pokemo company fixed the glitch in the new firered

What is Berry Glitch Mix in FireRed and LeafGreen?

Do you mean the berry program well if you press B, right, select at the title screen the berry program will start.

How can you get behind the boxes in the seven islands in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant unless u hack with a gameshark and then if u do the game will glitch upand ur save file will get corrupted