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Carassius auratus Carassius auratus

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Q: What is a goldfishs species name?
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Can goldfishs lay eggs?


How do goldfishs get pregnant?

they often fall or have a disturbing chase

What are two things a species name may do?

A species name may tell the scientific name of the species and a major trait of the species

What is the difference between species name and species identifier?

The species identifier is used with the genus name to form the species name. The species identifier is always listed following the genus name.

What is the difference between a species name and a species identifier?

A species name is a scientific name with two parts: the genus name followed by the species identifier. It is written in italics with the genus name capitalized. (The human species name is Homo sapiens. The species identifier is the second part of the species name (and it's lower-case)

What does the scienntific name of species involve?

The Genus name + species name

Who are a goldfishs enemies?

Predatory fish and birds will kill heaps in the wild but most goldfish are killed by people who don't look after them properly.

What is the platypus's species name?

The species name of the platypus is ornithorhyncus.

What is the species name for a mink?

the species name for a mink is link

What part of a scientific name is the species?

The name after the genus is the species.

In the scientific name tyrannosaurus what is the species name?

The species name is rex. Tyrannosaurus is the genus name.

What is the tyrannosaurus rex species name?

Tyrannosaurus rex is a scientific name. That means it includes the genus name and the species name. Tyrannosaurus is the genus name, and the species name is rex.

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