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What is a good APR for a boat loan?

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Current market interest rates in Australia are going up every month. A good rate for a new boat loan would be about 10%. Smaller and used boat loans a little higher. Check with Finance Ezi 1300 003 003

2008-07-04 17:16:45
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What is a good APR?

It depends on what you are getting credit for. A home loan with an APR less than 5.5% is good. A credit card with an APR of 15% or less is good.

How do you calcutate an APR?

APR is calculated by multiplying the amount of the loan by the interest rate. Next divide by the length of time of the loan to get the monthly APR amount.Ê

Where could a person compare the APR on a car loan?

There are many places where one can compare the APR on a car loan. Most loan companies have an area of their website that will allow you to compare the APR offered against other companies.

How APR impacts choice of loans?

APR affects the value of loan repayments because it's a percentage of the total loan repaid on an annual basis. A low APR makes repayments cheaper than a high APR.

How can one UK resident compare loan options from different sources?

The APR or Annual Percentage Rate is the tool to use to compare the cost of paying back a loan. The lower the APR, the cheaper the cost of the loan. All UK loan products will show the APR for any loan you are interested in taking out.

What is the APR for a bad credit loan?

If a customer's credit is really bad, then they may not be able to get a loan. If a customer's credit rating is poor, they may be able to get a loan at an APR of 12% - 15%.

What is the average rate of a boat loan?

The average rate of a boat loan is around 5.4%. Of course this is based on your credit rating and the company you get your loan from. Rates can sky rocket if you don't have good credit. So make sure to do your research when investing in a boat loan.

How much is the apr loan listed?

The APR loan rate or annual percentage rate of any loan differs from one financial institution to another. To find a specific APR rate one would need to contact their local bank or financial institution.

What you need to get a commercial boat loan?

Darn good credit

What is the APR on a loan from Brentwood Bank?

The APR on a loan from Brentwood Bank varies on the type of loan and term length. For instance, a home equity term loan for 36 months is at 2.990%. An unsecured loan for 26 months is 9.75% and a 30 year mortgage loan starts at 4.26%.

What formula determines the interest amount on a loan?

To find the APR which is the true rate of interest charged for a loan, use the following formulawhere APR is the annual percentage rate,i is interest (finance) charge on the loan,P is principal or amount borrowed, andn is number of months of the loan. APR = 72i__________________3P(n + 1) + i(n - 1)

What is the relationship of an APR for an add-on rate for a one-payment loan compared to an add-on for a monthly installment loan?

What is the apr for 17% add on for two years

What is the current APR on an Aussie home loan?

The apr on an aussie home loan on average is 6.99-7.00% depending on the time owned and quality of the home you would like to rent

What is higher APR or interest rate in mortgages?

The APR is the rate plus certain fees over the life of the loan. If there are no fees, the rate and APR are the same. If there are fees, the APR is higher than the rate. The more fees, the higher the APR.

how does one acquire low apr loans?

An APR or annual percentage rate loan can be obtained by following a few easy steps over time. First would be to keep ones credit in good standing. This would include regularly paying their bills on time. Using ones assets as collateral as well can be helpful in obtaining a low APR loan.

What are the current loan rates for first direct?

Loan rates for first direct depend on how much the loan is for. For example a loan of 1000 Euros has 15.90% (APR), while a loan of 25000 Euros has a rate of 8.90% (APR). For specific information you should call 0800-24-24-24.

Does the APR go down if you have a cosigner for an auto loan?

yes it does, it will go down even more if the co signer has good credit.

Which companies offer low APR credit cards?

First of all, APR is annual percentage rate, or how much of a percentage companies charge you for using a credit card or asking for a loan. One company that has low APR rates is "Citi." Although looking for companies with low APR rates is a good idea, a person can further lower their APR rate with negotiation.

need to know if i qualify for a boat loan..?

need to know if i qualify for a boat loan..

What does the abbreviation APR mean when looking for a cheaper loan?

In reference to finance, APR is the acronym for Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is essentially the annual cost of the credit a person will be receiving.

How is the APR calculated?

I tried to put it in words� it be easier and make more sense for you to go online and look at the formula yourself. There are plenty of APR calculators online if you need a quick fix. To find the monthly payment for an APR loan, use an online Loan Calculator.

What is a good rate currently for a bank home loan?

Through most banks they Fee's tend to be higher but at money lending tree you can get a loan at only 3.13 % APR. Depending on the time of year percentages of APR rise and decline. contacting several of your neighborhood banks you can compare ratings to provide yourself with the lowest rate currently for a bank home loan.

What is the APR rate in the US?

The APR someone will pay will depend on a variety of both personal and geographical factors. The average APR on home loans is around 3%, however the APR will also depend on the type of loan you are getting.

How do you calculate APR?

You calculate APR based on your credit score, loan size and term of loan. Typically the shorter the loan life the lower APR you will get . Annual Percentage Rate APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is a standardized term used to compare loans, mortgage loans and credit card rates. It is a compilation of the compound interest, finance charges and lender fees calculated annually. For more detailed information and to use an APR calculator visit the link in related links.

What does it take to get a boat loan?

To get a boat loan, one must follow some steps. It helps to get pre-qualified for a loan, get full details about the boat and accessories, research different boat terminology, choose one's boat, then contact the seller.