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A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, and, if you are able, baby sit the kids or provide the baby sitter, while they are enjoying their dinner.

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Q: What is a good Christmas gift for a couple?
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What is a good Christmas gift for a girl?

A good gift for a little girl is a teddy bear. For a teenage girl a good gift is a pair of socks with Christmas pictures on them.

Should you get a gift for your girlfriend for Christmas?

If you been dating her more than a couple mounths . Then you should get her a gift

Which calculator would make a good gift for teenaged boy for Christmas?

The TI-83 would be a good gift for a teenage boy for Christmas.

What is a good Christmas gift for a gamer?

a game

Would shampoo be a good Christmas gift?


Is a Bible a good idea for Christmas gift?

It is a good gift for a Christian or someone who wants a Bible and does not have one.

What is a good gift for Christmas to give to my 16 year old sister?

Gift Cards

What makes a good Christmas gift?

the love and thought

Is a gift expected for a newly engage couple when the family invites you to there annual Christmas Holiday party and they add on the invite honoring the engaged couple?

I would think you would need to bring a gift.

Is a watch a good first Christmas gift for your boyfriend?

Yes, a watch is a nice gift for a boyfriend.

What are some good ideas for Christmas gift labels?

Any label that is bright, colorful, has a generally positive message, and features a "To" and "From" section are good ideas for Christmas gift labels. Phrases like "Merry Christmas!" are highly encouraged.

What is a good Christmas gift for a 21 year old?

Money is always a good gift. Gift cards to their favorite store is good as well. Anything that has to do with phones or music

What is a good Christmas gift to give your mail carrier?


What is a good Christmas gift for a boy in their 20's?


What is a good hand made Christmas gift?

Jewelry is nice

What kind of pet is a good Christmas gift?

Puppies or Puppy.

Well who is santa please tell you?

is a man who goes to your house and puts gift in your house for christmas but he puts gift when you are asleep so go to sleep on christmas night so you will get gift only if you behave good and he looks who is behaving bad so behave good and merry christmas to all of you

Is chocolate good for a Christmas idea?

Yes, chocolate is a very popular Christmas gift and idea. Most people enjoy getting chocolate for Christmas as it is a very touching yet tasty gift.

What are popular gift ideas for newly married couples?

The best place to start with gift ideas for a newly married couple is with the couple's gift registry. In this way, one knows exactly what the couple wants. Other popular gift ideas include gift cards to good local restaurants, dance lessons, and gift certificates for maid service.

What is a good gift I can get for my bf because he likes Christmas music?

You can get a good gift for your boyfriend which has Christmas music on iTunes. You can buy different tracks and selected tracks which means you don't have to buy whole cd.

What are some cheap Christmas gift ideas?

When looking for some cheap Christmas gift ideas EBay and Amazon is a good place to start. The cheapest gift is the gift of baking. Find out what the person likes, put it in a tin and wrap it in a bow.

Who is the gift bringer in Brazil?

There are two gift givers in Brazil for Christmas. One is Papai Noel who is Father Christmas. The other is Bom Velhinho who is the Good Old Man.

What are the hottest Christmas gifts in 2007?

electronics are good for a gift Wii

What is a good Christmas gift for a classy guy you love?

a picure of you and him together .

What is a good Christmas gift for your daughter's boyfriend?

Difending on Daughter's age