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It all depends on who he is and your relationship with him.

13-15 = A wallet, cologne (depends on the depth of your relationship) or a nice gift card to his favorite video game store, skateboard shop, etc. Nice hat or sweat shirt.
15-18 = A dinner out with you. Nothing is more special than that. (Include a nice little present so you'll have something to exchange over breadsticks!)
19-25 = Dinner still works here, but he may be a little more adventurous. Adventurous = paintball. Sweet and subtle = romantic dinner for two.
26-35 = Anything hardware. Dogs are not man's best friend, power tools are.
36-50 = A nice night out for the two of you. This may include helping him pick out gifts for his children (if he has any) or other family members. Maybe it includes volunteering along with him to make children in the homeless shelter feel welcome and happy over the holidays. Whatever is is, twosome time is here.
50+ = Quality time is key. Low-key romance, or kick up the dance party. If he's more of a quiet man, homemade dinner for two (or three, thinking of pets), or a slow-dance at a community Christmas party. If he's tuned into his wild side, host a Christmas party with family and friends. Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like a fun time with family and eggnog spiked with booze. Just don't forget to get in at least one dance with your man!

Of course, this list is subject to changeability. Everything on here can be switched around to all of the age groups. But all he really wants is you, so give him exactly what he wants :)
Just listen to him talk about what he wants. Or take him to the mall and see what he admires and looks at. Ask his friends or parents for suggestions.
Anything that has to do with his hobbies is good.

You could get him a really nice sweater or some shades....that should do him over...these are the most simple items you can get..


Handmade gifts like greeting cards, knitted coat, etc will really make him glad, if not, a wrist-watch, sunglasses, shirts will be good, too.

Also another would be what he's like inside... if he's sensitive give him something nice but also sweet. If he's tough give him something big but also hard core. If he's not to sensitive but then again tough give him something nice but also hard core.

  • a wallet
  • watch
  • boots
  • any athletic stuff or team sport stuff
  • candy

Or give something personal and special, from the heart, like a personalized Christmas ornament. It's great for a gift especially if a first Christmas is being celebrated - for example, if it's your first Christmas together as a couple. The ornaments are inexpensive but very meaningful and they never get old or go out of style! Refer to link for more info.
ring with his and her name
The best gift is the one that appeals most to his interests.
Your gift should bear in mind one of two things:
Long term or short term?
For short term: every guy loves sex. Give him something he won't forget.
For long term: Give him something practical. Something he can use! Is he a hunter? get him a new gun or bow. Is he a fisher? get him a new rod and reel. Is he a car enthusiast? Get him a subscription to a car magazine. Do you know where he likes to shop? Or do you know what he likes to do but you are clueless about what would be helpful? Then get a gift card. If he mountain climbs and you don't know the first thing about mountain climbing, then get a gift card to somewhere that sells climbing gear.

Remember: Sex or something practical. Guys are easy like that.
Dont get-Make!!! make him a scrapbook documenting your time together! use recites, picture, and anything else!!!
In order to buy proper a Christmas gift for a boyfriend a person should first ask the significant other what they would like for the holiday. If that line of questions does not work the person should take into consideration the hobbies of the individual and purchase a gift in that category.
well you could give a watch to your boyfreind watch can reach up to $50-$1000 another if he likes basketball or somthing go to ebay or amason .com for ideas or go to walmart this is my advice but you could find other places

Give gifts according to the interests of your boyfriend. If you lack the needed knowledge to find a proper gift within one of his hobbies ask one of his friends or listen attentive should he start talking about it.
Anything that he would want that you can afford.

a T-shirt, wallet, watch, sweat shirt, or shoes
Get him a watch, a card or wallet...anything he could possibly appreciate!
A fresh pair of jordans
Some good ideas of Christmas gifts for boyfriends include Starcraft 2, a new laptop and a new 3D TV. Another gift idea that you may want to consider is a complete auto mechanic's tool set.
Depending on what type of personality your boyfriend has, cologne is always a good choice to give for Christmas. If he enjoys video games and has a console, then purchasing a video game in his favorite sport will make him happy as can be.
Someone can find Christmas gift ideas for their boyfriend online using their online resources such as engines like Google,Bing, and Yahoo.For more information You could visit holiday related sites.
Well you should get him something that he would like.. Like a jacket , maybe a cute pic of you two together that he can just have beside his bed.. (: a wallet, um really just something you know he'd like.. Hope it helped!
Kiss kiss kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssssssssssss
a wallet, watch, boot, clone or any athletic stuff or team sport stuff.
candy or magazines great stocking stuffer.
Depends on the age. The tried and true for all ages is something that has to do with their favorite sports team. If its a teenage guy or under 20, tickets to a concert or some cologne and out to eat. Older then 20 but under 40, a tool that they will utilize, anything that has to do with their vehicles, new matts, sometype of item to detail it, look around their homes and see what is missing maybe a few pictures for the walls, something to make their tv viewing more comfortable, new recliner, videos they like. I go with the easy stuff, ask them what they would like to eat for their special day, get that accomplished, whether you cook it or do take out, then present them with their item, and dont forget fishing, hunting and billiards, then send them to bed with a smile....Fed,led and bed.
Answer: 1. Give him something romantic for his birthday. You could give him flowers. Yes, flowers are not only for women! If you give him those, he'll probably never forget such day. If you intend to put on some effort, might as well cook for him. Invite him for a dinner for two.

To add up to the romantic element, have it on a picnic. Or, you could arrange for a surprise party. Invite his friends and family. Send him love notes a week before his big day. And have a surprise on the special day itself!

2. Give him something that he wants. It is always best to choose a boyfriend birthday gift idea that he is truly into. If he is into gadgets, get him something that he would truly appreciate. If he is a car aficionado, buy something that he has been longing for.

3. Give him something naughty. If you wish to tickle his wildness, give him something intimate yet an amusing gift. A glow in the dark feature of boxer shorts would do. Have him come over to your place and let him pick out what he thinks are your sexiest clothes and try them on for him. Then let him take pictures of you in them on his cell phone as a reminder of what a great time yall had on his birthday.
4. Give him something traditional. The traditional gift idea of a gift basket is also nice. Fill it with sweets or personalized toiletries.

5. Give him something that suggests you love him. You could customize a key chain for him and have some loving message engraved therein.
Well - I'm a boy myself and i enjoy listening to music, i think i would want my girlfriend to buy me a iPod, an iPod Touch would be great. Apple recently came out with a new iPod Touch with a camera. I'm sure he'll love it. If you don't think he'd want it, try buying him something that matches his personality.
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What is a good Christmas present for a college student?

Gift For College Student . It depends upon how much you're willing to spend. I honestly think that the greatest gift you could give a college student is travel, because it opens their eyes up to worlds they might have never known! I'm a college student myself, so I speak from experience. . One ( Full Answer )

What is a good Christmas present?

For your mom get her a nice necklace or bracelet. It doesn't matter where you get it. It's the thought that counts. She will love anything as long as it is from you. For your dad get him two tickets to a sports event and tell him it would be a great father/son or father/daughter trip. For your ( Full Answer )

What are good teen Christmas presents?

Get Her/Him something they need or want , If its a girl , like me , get her some make-up , hollister stuff, acrombie, or stiches clothing ! get her some things like straightening hairdry , straightener, curling iron , Jelwery, Pajamas, stuff that she needs , , if that's not want she wants get her , ( Full Answer )

Is a thong a good Christmas present?


What is a good valentines present for your boyfriend?

To figure out what a good Valentine Day's gift for your boyfriend,you need to know what he is into. If he is into his appearance youcan buy him something to wear. If your boyfriend is into music ormovies you can get him a CD of his favorite artist or favoritemovie. You can always just ask too.

What is a good present for a boyfriend?

Depends on what your boyfriend likes. You could buy him a new basketball, a life jacket if he's into canoing, use your imagination. If all else fails you could purchase a psychic reading for him here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmoygo (lol) . is his birthday

What is a good present for your boyfriend?

It all depends on what your boyfriend likes. If he's like me and loves Air Jordans, go to the nearest Footlocker or shoe store and tell them what kind of shoes he has and ask their advice on a pair. Or if he likes music, check to see if his favorite band/artist is coming to town any time in the near ( Full Answer )

What are some good Christmas presents for girls?

Im 12 and I love makup, parfume, lotions, ect. I LOVE clothes shopping. If you kknow they do, pick one (or more) of their favorite stores and get them a giftcard. For chrismas this year, I am asking for a new Ipod touch with an itunes giftcard. Also what is their favorite tv show/movie? Personally I ( Full Answer )

What are some good Christmas present ideas?

The best Christmas present ideas are the ones that are uniquely suited for the recipient. The better you know the recipient's likes and dislikes, the more you'll have to go on when shopping for a gift for them. Do they like to laugh? Perhaps something a bit amusing. Do they have a nice home? Then, t ( Full Answer )

What are good presents for a girlfriend for Christmas?

It depends what kind of girl she is. Women are very good at making their wishes known, but you have to listen carefully! . I'm getting my girlfriend a digital camera, girls are pretty much obsessed with the idea of taking pictures so i thought I'd tell you that.

What are good Christmas presents for teenagers?

iPod touch, iPad, laptop, Hollister clothes, cell phones, guitar, drums, bike, Guinness Book of World Records, Flip video camera, TV, Ripstik, Air Hockey Table, black light, strobe light, PS3, Xbox 360 Kinect, and a PSP. These are a bunch of the main things that teenagers want. Source: I am a teena ( Full Answer )

What are good Christmas presents for a 17 year-old boyfriend?

Hey. same problem but his birthdays right after christmas. we just exchanged today. I bought him a legit jersey because hes a HUGE fan of the jets and he nearly passed out. so if he is a sports fan... i HIGHLY suggest a jersey. (oh and i bought cologne too!)

What is a good present to give to your boyfriend for Christmas?

It depends on what your boyfriend likes and/or how deep your relationship is with him. If he likes sports, you can buy him things such as jerseys of his favorite athletes, baseball cards basketball, football. If your relationship is deep with your boyfriend, you can consider things like roses, sw ( Full Answer )

Is a watch a good Christmas present for your new boyfriend?

It depends on the price of the watch. Have you set limits of what to spend, or have you been together for a very short time. Consider what you THINK he's spending on you, if it's not too expensive than yes, it's a great gift. You just don't want your present to make him feel bad that you spent more ( Full Answer )

What makes a good Christmas present for a wife?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, and a new Mercedes too, but if you're a money pincher, just give her a necklace, but if I were you wife I would want the Mercedes, or I will be pissed.

What is a good present to make a mother for Christmas?

you should give your mum a sports car or a brand new house or maybe if you are poor get her a mac book or a PC or hair straighteners or jewelry or make up or books or DVDs or money or a date/boyfriend if she doesn't have one or take her out for dinner or bowling or the cinema or go shopping with her ( Full Answer )

What is a good anniversary present for your boyfriend?

With most guys you can't go wrong with getting them something from their favorite sports team. Shy away from clothing, because it may not fit him right or it's not his style. Of course, a bj is always a good choice (not a joke-for real, he would love it).

What is a good present for your mother for Christmas?

It really depends on what the mother you are buying a Christmaspresent for likes. If you know that your mother likes films, thenmaybe buy her a DVD, or if she likes music you can buy her a CD.There are also a lot of other products for mothers that you canchoose from such as perfumes, skin care produ ( Full Answer )

Should you get your boyfriend a Christmas present?

yes, you should get your boyfriend a Christmas present! you could get him a nice shirt or you could make him like a scrapbook of memories filled with pictures, places you've gone, tickets...etc..

What are good presents to get parents for Christmas?

You get your parents something simple, like a poem, if you dont want to spend alot of money. If you're willing to spend some money on your parents, you could get your father something he likes, perhaps he likes to cook? Get him a... "Paula Dean" cooking set of pots and pans (thats what i got my dad ( Full Answer )

Where is a good place to hide Christmas presents?

A few good places to hide Christmas gifts are in a closet. In our basement I hide some of the gifts in a closet with a lock. I put them in a bag, and i close the closet and lock the door. Another place I hide my Christmas gifts are under my husband and I's bed. Most parents don't let their children ( Full Answer )

Is the iPod touch a good Christmas present?

It really depends on age, I think if You are giving that to a guy with age of 15-25 then its best (but for sure he dont have an ipod batter then this gift ipod)

Is this a good present for your boyfriend?

this is what I want to give him, this isn't the whole present. Just a bit of. 100 reasons why I love you. 1. You can always make me smile. 2. You care . 3. You're the sweetest guy ever. 4. You bring out the best in me. 5. You're respectful. 6. I can be the weirdest girl you've ever se ( Full Answer )

What is a good cheap present to get your boyfriend?

If he is like me most guys don't want really expensive gifts from their girlfriends they buy really expensive gifts for their girlfriends :). My girlfriend last year gave me a card with her picture inside with this little note "I won't get into details of note" and it was the best Christmas present ( Full Answer )

What is a good homemade Christmas present for your dad?

It depends on your age. If you're still coloring, draw him a picture. My 70 year old dad likes home-made biscotti's from his mother's recipe. People, in general, like home-made treats that remind them of the ones they had when they were young.

What Christmas presents are good?

Any Christmas present is good as long as the person likes it. Remember, it's the thought that counts.

Are boots a good Christmas present?

Boots are a wonderful Christmas present, particularly nice ones and especially if you live in a colder climate.

What are good Christmas presents for adults?

Some good gifts for adults are ones that are related to a specialinterest or hobby, clothing, gift cards to their favorite stores orrestaurant, taking them out for a special meal, etc.

What is a good Christmas present for a french woman?

Some years back I bought my now-deceased Lady Friend a fine short-wave radio of a type she knew of when she was a youngster! I also got her a model of a classic car one year. She was a Teaching Scientist, so the high brow type. For the Love of Grace, pun intended. Her name was Mme Grace Lamour.

What would be a good Christmas present for Dad?

Consider his likes and hobbies. Is he into fishing, gardening,camping, reading, sports? Is there anything related to his hobby that he is missing, or thatwould make it a little better? If you are slick, you can even talk to him about it. "What are you doing? Is there an easier way of doing it?" Som ( Full Answer )

What is a good Christmas present for your sister?

Well it depends on her personality and age. If shes girlie (and young) she might like a doll or a cute princess dress. If shes not a girlie girl she might like something like an ipod. If she's over 12 she might like a radio or a laptop, or some money. Hope this helps =)

What is a good Christmas present for grandma?

I've found that the gifts my Grandma loves the most are those special gifts I made just for her with my own hands. I say give her something homemade- perhaps beeswax candles, jewelery, a tree ornament, baked goods, etc...

What is a good present to buy your boyfriend?

To get a present for your boyfriend,get him something that whenever he sees it he remembers you.Well things that are attached to the boy such as watch,singlet and boxer shorts .You know the watch is symbolic which says that he should be time conscious and whenever he checks his time he will remem ( Full Answer )

What is a good Christmas present to get your boyfriend of a month?

It kind of depends on how long you have known him. If you have been friends for 5 years, but just started dating, you may want to get something a little nicer than if you have only known each other for a couple of months. You may want to stick with something casual or fun. Don't go nuts and buy a ( Full Answer )

Are you supposed to get your boyfriend a Christmas present?

Yes,if you dont know what to get him just think of the things that he likes.Like if he likes hunting (although hunting stuff is very expenciv) get him that kind of stuff. or if you dont know what he really likes just get him candy take a guess on what kind of candy he likes best.dont fell bad if he ( Full Answer )

What would be a good Christmas present for a mom?

Well, ask her what she likes, and she might tell you. Lets say she likes coffee then you would get her a coffee mug. If she likes a certain T.V show series than you could get the series on DVD. Any mom or anyone would LOVE a gift made just by you. So, ask your mom what she likes, then write it down ( Full Answer )

What is a good Christmas present for your uncle?

What are his interests? How much money do you have to spend? Thinkabout those questions and get your uncle something based on theanswers. For example, if he is a Kansas City Chiefs fan, you couldget him a cap or a jersey, depending on how much money you canspend.

What would be a good Christmas present for your grandpa?

How about a painting? Or a mug or coffee cup that says, "BEST GRANDPA" or something like that? Or maybe even some shirt or something. Just think of something that old people like. Are these good answers? I seriously don't think so. Why did I answer this question?!

How to find good Christmas presents ideas?

There are many ways to find Christmas present ideas, including online sources, books and magazines, friends, and family. Most people find Christmas present ideas by searching for the top ideas online through websites. Magazines and books are great to find last minute gifts and tips for celebrating w ( Full Answer )

What are good ideas for homemade Christmas presents?

Handmade jams and preserves make great homemade Christmas presents for those talented in the kitchen. Simpler baked goods such as cakes or biscuits will generally receive a warm welcome too.For those who would prefer to avoid cooking entirely handmade soap, decorated vases or sewn items also could ( Full Answer )

What is a good Christmas present for girls?

There are many gifts one might choose to give a girl at Christmastime. Popular gift ideas for girls include necklaces, stuffed animals, dolls, and "anything princess."

What is a good Christmas present for your girlfriend?

A good Christmas present for your girlfriend would be a gift that reflects your knowledge of her particular tastes, interests, and desires. Think of the things she likes to talk about, or if she has ever mentioned something she would really like to have. If all else fails, a big box of quality choco ( Full Answer )