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USF (in Tampa) has been gaining a lot of credibilty lately with their Medical programs, so for Veterinary school I would definitely suggest USF. Also I have heard that University of Miami has a good program. In addition, while this is not South Florida, UF has a terrific program. However, if you're open to going to Gainesville, then UF would be the best choice.

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Is auburn university a good veterinary college?

Yes, Auburn University is an accredited college of veterinary medicine.

Are there any good veternary colleges in Florida?

One can get a good veterinary degree in Florida in the University of Florida. The university offers a DVM, MS, and PhD programs.

Is Florida College a good college?

It is a very good college but it is small and young, so its reputation does not extend far beyond Florida.

Is New College Of Florida a good College?

You bet it is.

Is Florida Tech a good college?

It is a very good college but it is small and young, so its reputation does not extend far beyond florida.

Is penn state good for vets?

Pennsylvania State University does not have a college of veterinary medicine; the college of veterinary medicine in Pennsylvania is at The University of Pennsylvania. However, you could complete your undergraduate college work at Penn State then apply for vet school at UPenn.

What college has a good vet school?

If a college has an accredited school of veterinary medicine, it's a good vet school - the accreditation process is very strict. In the United States there are 28 schools of veterinary medicine. Around the world, most countries have at least one school of veterinary medicine and many of the first world countries have several.

What is the best college for dentistry?

A good college for dentistry is the Nova South Eastern University. Its tuition is $37,585. It is located In Florida. It is not the best school ,but it is a very good school. You should try that school if you live close by.

Is Michigan a good college to become a vet at?

In the state of Michigan there is only one vet school - Michigan State University. It is accredited, so it is a good college to learn veterinary medicine at.

What is a good college in Tennessee to become a vet?

In Tennessee there is only one school of veterinary medicine at The University of Tennessee.

What are some good veterinary clinics in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis is a wide instituted city for the pet lover. There are numerous veterinary clinics to take a pet to. Some of the listings include: 30th Street Veterinary Clinic, The Paw Patch Place on N. College Ave and Leo's Pet Care also on N. College Ave.

What is the name of a good business administration college around Florida?

The name of a good business administration college around Florida is University of Florida - College of Business Administration. It has a lot of courses pertaining to business administration and is recommended for those who are pursuing a career in the field of business administration.

Please suggest some good veterinary school for doing bachelor's degree course in veterinary science in US?

There are various top veterinary schools in US that are conducting 4 years bachelor degree courses in veterinary science. Some of them are following- Mercy College Globe University Minnesota School of Business

What college do you attend to become a veterinarian?

In North America you would attend an accredited College of Veterinary Medicine; there are 28 in the United States, another 5 in Canada, several in Mexico and two in the Carribean. In addition, there are very good veterinary colleges in most countries around the world.

Is south suburban college an acredited college?

yes very good one too

What is a good college for writing or journalism?

University of journalism in FloridaUniversity of journalism in Florida

What is a good veterinary technician job?

There are many and varied roles in a veterinary technician position. From assisting veterinary surgeons, to supervisory and management roles. Information can be obtained from schools of veterinary science.

What are good vet schools to go to to be a vet?

Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University Vet School, NC State

What are the requirements to succeed in veterinary college?

You will need to have mental and emotional resilence, good study habits, good time management skills and a strong educational foundation in biology, chemistry and physics.

What universities have good veterinary programs?

In general, if a university has a veterinary medicine program, it is a good program. Veterinary medicine is a tightly accredited program and the educational standards are closely monitored by professional veterinary organizations. Also, there are relatively few universities that offer veterinary medicine training, particularly when compared to other sciences such as physics or psychology.

What is a good Florida catch phrase?

The more North you go, the more South it gets.

Is university of Florida a good college?

Yes. The University of Florida is among the top ranked schools in the nation. It is considered a "public ivy" due to its prestige.

Why is Florida such a good location for the use of solar energy?

Because Florida is in more of the south kind of tropical region where it is sunny most of the time.

Are there any good veterinary schools in Virginia?

There is only one school of veterinary medicine in Virginia - Virginia Polytechnical.

How can you choose a good veterinary surgeon?

Probably the easiest way is to get a recommendation from your regular vet. He/she will have referred cases to veterinary surgeons and be able to tell you who a good vet surgeon is. The good news is, there are very few incompetent veterinary surgeons, so pretty much any one you pick will be a good one.