What is a good age to breed a female cat?

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7 years old or 5 depends
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What age do you get a female cat spayed?

5 months or older - there's no age limit after that. Depends on how heavy your cat/kitten is. Like mine could of got it done when she wen't for her boosters but shes only getting it this week.

What is a good age to breed a cat?

Cats are physically capable of reproduction as early as four or five months. However, a male cat's sperm count at this age will be much lower than that of an older cat. Personally I would choose an older stud because it is difficult to know for sure whether a kitten would make good breeding stock or ( Full Answer )

When should female cats breed?

NEVER! Please spay your cat! There are way too many kittens that are put to sleep in shelters each year! This is true but as to when 1. they have to be over one year and 2. spring and summer but they can mate all year and 3. they have to be in heat

Why does it hurt a female cat to breed?

The cats penis is covered with a kind of spurs almost. When he with draws the spiny spurs leave small little almost like cuts and it causes the female to ovulate. This is why it hurts. His genitalia is covered with spines....look a picture of it up on google images that should explain everything...

What age should a female cat stop breeding?

A cat can breed at about any age starting at 6 months, but on average it is best for a cat to stop breeding at 6-9 years of age. It also depends on the health of the cat.

Do male cats look the same as female cats if they are the same breed?

Usually. In purebreds they'll be close to identical.. Answer: . NOOOOOOOOO males r bigger than females! . The size of domestic cats has nothing to do with their sex. The size of an adult cat has all to do with feeding and breeding, with lifestyle in general. . Do try to lose the Os, they have no ( Full Answer )

What color cats will you get if you breed a Siamese female cat and a different breed male?

Siamese have pale bodies with darker colored points on the face, legs, feet and tail. All Siamese kittens are light-colored at birth and develop the pattern over time.. The color of Siamese mixed breed kittens will depend partly on the sire's breed. My Siamese had five kittens, two had the same mar ( Full Answer )

What breed of cat is good to have as a pet?

The best one if you want to have an indoor cat, is Persian they are very calm and they have really interesting characters, they sleep a lot but remember you have to take really good care of their long hair.. Also consider: Every cat or animal for that fact, is different. They all have varying perso ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous for a female dog to breed at eight months of age?

Please do not breed your dog this young. Wait 1 more year; she will not have as much trouble birthing, raising and caring for her litter. Because of this, she'll have fast growing, healthy puppies. If bred under 18months, she may have birthing problems, and because she is still a puppy, she could ( Full Answer )

What age should i breed my female dog?

Depending on the size, age, and make of the dog, I would say around 2-3 years is good to start breeding. Make sure you look into it, and read first. All dogs are different, and if your not home during the birth(research gestation) it could harm the puppies.

What age can a male cat get a female cat pregnant?

Roughly six months. They can begin to take an interest in the female at around 20/22 weeks but there is no exact age at which they become fertile, therefore a reasonable guideline is 6 months (26 weeks)

What breed of cat is good with kids?

Either a Turkish angora if raised properly,or a savvanah. A lot of people may think savvanahs are wild and ferocious,but they are extremely sweet , tame,and smart.I have one and she is amazing. P.s:make sure savvanahs are legal where you live.

Is Nina a good name for a female cat?

One Opinion . NO BUT MAYA OR ELLA IS. Another Opinion . I think it is a fine name for a female cat. Depending upon the origin of the name, it could mean: favor, grace, strong, girl or pretty eyes.

What is an adult breeding age female tiger called?

An adult female tiger is called a "tigress".. Additional Info: The female tiger, generally speaking, reaches sexual maturity, or breeding age, between three to four years of age. They mate on a non-seasonal basis, usually during the spring or winter, with a gestation period of 95-112 days. She can ( Full Answer )

What is a good cat breed?

There are lots and lots of cat breeds. If you want a talkative cat, why not get a siamese? or if you want a bit of an unusual cat, go for a spynx or a scottish fold. Moggies are just as good - they are breeds that are mixed, the only thing is with moggies, you never know what their gonna be like! ( Full Answer )

What age should you not breed your female dog?

I prefer to wait until a female dog has reached her second year before I decide to breed her. That way, she is fully developed and will have expressed any faults she might possess. In general though, you really shouldn't breed your dog at all. If your "purebreed" female has earned some type of ch ( Full Answer )

At what age can a female cat get pregnant?

i live next door to someone whos cat got pregnant at about 11 months old so be carful!. i think that it is about 6 months or when they go through their 1st heat cycle.

Good name for a black female cat?

Midnight, Moonlight, Night, Nightfire, Black,Sophia, Blair, Midnight, triste, whisper, Asha, Egypt, Enigma, Ace,mûre, Magie, Charm, Char, Inka, Raven, Salem, Wicka, Candle, Cinder/Cinders, Dusk, Ebon/Ebony, Moon, Omen, Onyx, Cocoa/KoKo, Merlin, Pepper, Shadow, web,Gris-Gris,Flames

What age do female cats begin to spray?

Female cats can mature as early as four months. Some female catswill spray when they are sexually mature that is usually betweenfour and six months. Spraying of females is often when she is inheat.

When is a good age to start breeding a dog?

A wonderful time would be at the second heat. (: But, I would strongly advise you to reconsider this. A dog with puppies does NOT necessarily make a happy dog. Pregnancy is not fun for dogs - it hurts, they throw up... All of the symptoms people have. And after they have the pups they will have a d ( Full Answer )

A good name for a gray female cat?

Some good names for a gray female cat are, Pebble, Sparkles, Star, Lily, Meadow, Sable those are the ones I could think of.

Is the Abyssinian a good cat breed?

Its actually not the best because you have to brush their teeth to prevent gingivitus (just like any other cat, they do need some dental care), but overall its a pretty good breed. They are said to be very playful and active, thus do not make the best "lap" cats. These cats need lots of interaction ( Full Answer )

At what age should you stop breeding female dachshund?

It's not really a matter of what age, it's a matter of how manylitters a dog has already had. Usually, for most breeders, theywill stop breeding a female dog after her third or fourth litter.

Earliest age to breed female horse?

There are differing opinions on this. If you are in the business of breeding horses they may breed a younger mare. I think the youngest age should not be before 6 or 7 years old. This gives enough time to let the horse mature and get her broke to ride before she becomes a mother. Answer- wait unti ( Full Answer )

What is a good age to breed a boxer?

You really shouldn't breed before the dog is 2 years old. They aren't fully grown until after 3 years of age, but some develop sooner. I am breeding at the age of 2 1/2. Depending on the indiviudual dog health, breeding an elder dog, can harm them because of the health issues. Breeding a boxer at ( Full Answer )

What is a good Breed of cat for a family?

I have a burmese cat and they are a very nice breed they are so friendly and great for the family!! It doesn't really depend on the breed, more of the individual, and it depends on your lifestyle, but there's the Chausie and several others. Cat Fancy is a good source if you look at their breed pro ( Full Answer )

What age can a female rat be breed?

Rats can breed as early as 5 weeks of age. For the health of the rat though, it is best to wait until they are at least 7 months of age before breeding.

What is a female horse of breeding age?

A female horse is called a Mare when it has past its foal stage. Soon after that the mare can be ready for the breeding age. A mother horse is called a Dam.

Can your male cat and female dog mix breed babies?

You mean to create a hybrid animal? I don't think it's possible, sperm are attracted to the scent of the female egg, but if the species of animal is too different the smell is different and the sperm won't find it.

Need a female Persian cat for breeding in Mumbai?

hv a 5 month old pure breed female persian on heat foe the first time.looking for a pure persian male cat for mating.color is white n grey.call for details 9699087505

Is persian cats good cat breeds?

Yes, they are very friendly but you have to groom them (brush them) alot because their fur is very long and thick, almost like Sheep wool.

What is a good age to first breed horses?

Any age is good you just need to BECARFUL ^^No, not any age is good. Horse's backs don't finish growing until they are at least 4-5 years old depending on the breed. You shouldn't breed any horses, like I said before, because of the current overpopulation. If you do breed, make sure the horse is m ( Full Answer )

What age do female horses start breeding?

Well-grown fillies (young female horses) can be bred when they are two years old so they will first foal when they are three years of age

Is a Persian cat a good breed?

Persians, like all breeds, have their pros and cons. Persians tend to be very lovable and have a distinct flat face that many find adorable. They are good at adapting to apartment life and tend to be good natured. They are usually fairly quiet as well. However, Persians need to be brushed on a reg ( Full Answer )

What is the best age to breed your Bengal cat?

If you are looking to breed your Bengal, then you should get in contact with an already established Bengal breeder as they will be able to advise you. Contacting the breeder you have gotten your cat from is usually a good idea. However, many breeders have contracts in place stating whether or not th ( Full Answer )

What is a good age for a cat to have a baby?

Responsible breeders usually wait until their cats are over 1 year of age (sometimes they wait until 2 years old) before letting her have her first litter. This insures the cat is fully mentally and physically mature and is an excellent standard of the breed. However, due to the current overpopul ( Full Answer )

What is the best age to breed a female pitbull dog?

You don't want to breed them on their first heat, it is unhealthy. Their second heat on is better, just make sure you skip a heat after she gives birth to allow her body to return to normal.

When is good age to breed a welsh pony?

There is no one best age. However you should never breed any horse under 2 years old for safety and health reasons. It should also be noted that the pony should have good conformation, a nice temperament and be well proven under saddle before breeding. For all of that criteria to be filled the pony ( Full Answer )

What is a Dog breed that is good with cats?

Some breeds that are better than others with cats are: . Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (my choice) . Pomeranian . Chihuahua (which I wouldn't have) . Beagle